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“I became frustrated with the lack of control over resources and data on our API and DB. Qovery provided flexibility and control over multiple environments and debugging.”

Pierre Olive

Pierre Olive, CTO and co-founder of Spayr

“Qovery offered the ability to use Ephemeral Environments, allowing us to conduct automated tests in a production-like environment before releasing new versions.”

Kevin Maschtaler

Kevin Maschtaler, Platform & Reliability Lead

“How Qovery Helps Piana Reduce Time to Market and Increase Developer Velocity by 200%”

James Heng

James Heng, Co-Founder & CTO

“From Static to Ephemeral Environments: How We Significantly Increase Development Velocity with Qovery”

Nicolás Albani

Nicolás Albani, Senior Software Engineering Manager

“How Qovery Helped Us Automate Testing and Integration When Transitioning to EKS”

Juan Carlos Valerio Arrieta

Juan Carlos Valerio Arrieta, Head of Software Architects

“Preview Environments automatically deploy pull requests as their own small application or service, making it easy for engineers and QA teams to work together.”

Florian Suchan

Florian Suchan, CTO & Co-fondateur

“How Qovery Helped Us Scale Our Infrastructure”

Sebastian Mühr

Sebastian Mühr, Tech Lead at Ninetailed

“Intuitive and simple, yet powerful; easy to start using, yet truly impactful when used — Qovery is a must-have.”

Emanuel Silva

Emanuel Silva, Software Engineering Team Leader at

“Qovery helped us transition smoothly to a high reliable infrastructure, with deployment automation to gain more speed and efficiency”

Florent Blaison

Florent Blaison, CTO

“For the ease of use, the performance, and the parallelization of developments within a fast-growing tech team. Qovery makes our life easier in every way!”

Victor Fritz

Victor Fritz, Co-fondateur & CTO

“Qovery allowed us to easily migrate our containerized apps to our own k8s cluster”

Sebastian Mühr

Sebastian Mühr, Tech Lead at Ninetailed

“Qovery is ideal for most businesses as you can integrate with the most used tools. It's very fast to set up new environments and deploy from a specific repository or branch.”

Simon Facciol

Simon Facciol, CTO of PLAY NORTH

“With Qovery, we have been able to deploy and ship our infrastructure in a weekend whereas we had spent two weeks trying to set one up (and failed)”

Juan Di Toro

Juan Di Toro, Founding Engineer

“I'd recommend Qovery to anyone who wants a solid CI/CD solution for improving Dev Experience with PR apps”

Travis Long

Travis Long, Co-Founder of DevDocs

“Qovery is the quickest way to deploy containerized workloads to AWS. It manages the heavy-lifting of Kubernetes complexities by ensuring that developers just focus on writing code and worry less about deployments!”

Daniel Ugwa

Daniel Ugwa, Lead DevOps at Stealth

“Qovery was the only choice to keep us focused on our product during the deployment period”

Hugo Casanova

Hugo Casanova , Co-founder & CEO

“I recommend Qovery to any growing team, needing to parallelize their developments and starting to have too much friction in a classical context”

Alex Centar

Alex Centar, Lead DevOps at WeMoms

“Qovery allowed us to have an environment deployment solution with management and cloning ease, without needing to be trained on AWS”

Jason Lebreton

Jason Lebreton, DevOps Engineer at EXA Finance

“Qovery has made our life amazingly easier than before”

Julien Quintard

Julien Quintard, Founder & CEO

“Qovery makes a big difference in the time spent on infrastructure, empowering technical individuals and teams.”

Eduard Popovici

Eduard Popovici, Software Developer

“Qovery takes away all the pain from managing and maintaining clustered applications on AWS!”

Florian Suchan

Florian Suchan, CTO & Co-fondateur

“Qovery has saved us quite a few weeks in setting up our own DevOps machine”

Guillaume Gelin

Guillaume Gelin, Co-founder & CTO at Refty

“Qovery provides us with the easy deployment of apps without the knowledge required about Kubernetes”

Burin Sirisrimungkorn

Burin Sirisrimungkorn, Software Engineer at Bluezebra

“Qovery makes the switch to AWS really easy without any setup from our side”

Arnaud Aubry

Arnaud Aubry, Head Of Engineering at Semper

“Qovery is great because it allows us to do all the things we would normally need a DevOps engineer for”

James Sullivan

James Sullivan, Founder & CEO of OneSeven Technology

“Easily managing multiple environments running on Kubernetes clusters would have been impossible without Qovery”

Pierre Olive

Pierre Olive, CTO & Co-Founder of Spayr

“Qovery has been a game-changer for us, simplifying our infrastructure management and deployment process by at least 10x”

Mattew McGuiness

Mattew McGuiness, Founder of GM Labs

“Qovery is the best development-focused startup I have come across in a long time!”

Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien, Head of Data Science & Backend Engineering at Finvault

“Qovery helped us to deploy a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure on AWS”

Donald Inostroza

Donald Inostroza, CTO at Eskuad

“Qovery gives us the flexibility to deploy our apps as we want, so easily and quickly”

Nicholas Moschopoulos

Nicholas Moschopoulos, Software Engineer at Creative Juice

“Qovery saves me a lot of time! Deploying my monorepo in one click was super powerful”

Vincent Stammbach

Vincent Stammbach, Co-founder & CTO at Promis

“Being a big fan of Heroku's simplicity, Qovery gives me a close experience while still allowing me to take advantage of AWS' services”

Patrick Nollet

Patrick Nollet, Co-founder & CTO at Traace

“Truly a lifesaver for our engineering team!”

Taj English

Taj English, Co-founder & CTO at ListedB

“Qovery allowed me to deploy my Web application very quickly, without any prior knowledge in DevOps”

Dan Dray

Dan Dray, CTO at Pathline

“Qovery greatly simplified a process that might take a small team migrating to Kubernetes months”

John Sinnott

John Sinnott, CTO at HappsNow