With Qovery, we have been able to deploy and ship our infrastructure in a weekend whereas we had spent two weeks trying to set one up (and failed)

Authentic is a tech startup that provides secure digital authentication, provenance tracking, and proof of ownership. Authentic is helping brands, auction houses, and collectors create secure and safe authentication documentation and provenance tracking. Juan is a Founding Engineer at Authentic.

Juan Di Toro

#What are the main benefits Qovery gives you?

With Qovery, we can iterate as quickly as possible without worrying about infrastructure costs or CD pipelines. Qovery certainly gives you that hassle-free experience you get with other providers but without the crazy scaling costs. With Qovery, we have been able to deploy and ship our infrastructure in a weekend vs. the 2-weeks we spent trying to set up one with raw-AWS (and failed). We even considered hiring a DevOps engineer to help us set up the infra, but we found Qovery just in time. Qovery gives us more precious time to work on the product

#Why would you recommend Qovery and for whom?

Before going with Qovery, we were interviewing DevOps engineers. As a small startup that got founded shy of 4-months ago, this felt like overkill, but we had a grant on AWS and wanted to use it. Our bills with other similar closed providers were already on the 3-digits and hitting roadblocks now and then, Qovery for us is basically free given their very flexible pricing structure and our credits at AWS. We are pretty-much cost-free for the upcoming years.

I would also recommend using Qovery for every small startup, agency or side-project struggling with their infrastructure and don’t have the budget or enough work for a dedicated DevOps team. Even for those with a DevOps budget, I would still recommend it given how flexible and out of the way it is. I like to think of Qovery as the AWS Console-UI in easy mode.

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