Qovery's implementation ensured 10 months of zero downtime, streamlined deployment, and saved 31% monthly on costs!

Synota is the transitive energy solution built on the Lightning Network. Automating contract settlement and decentralizing data - cheaper, faster, and more securely than any other solution. Colin is the Principal Software Engineer, CISSP at Synota


#1. Introduction

#Hey Colin, can you start by telling me about your role and main responsibilities at Synota?

Certainly. At Synota, I wear multiple hats as part of our small engineering team. I primarily handle the responsibilities related to DevOps and security. This involves managing our infrastructure, ensuring its reliability, and implementing security measures to safeguard our systems and data.

#2. Overview

#Before implementing Qovery, can you briefly describe Synota's infrastructure and deployment setup?

Synota began its journey with Qovery. Although our team members had some prior experience with cloud infrastructure providers, we were seeking a platform that could handle a wide range of our infrastructure and code deployment needs. We were initially overwhelmed by the multitude of options available on AWS, such as EC2, EKS, ECS, CodeDeploy, Fargate, and Beanstalk. Even solutions like Terraform were considered. However, Qovery stood out as a comprehensive solution that could address all our requirements. With its seamless integration with AWS and simplicity in setup, Qovery provided us with the flexibility and control we needed without the complexity of managing multiple services separately.

#3. Challenges

#What were some specific pain points you faced in your development and deployment processes?

I wouldn’t classify them as pain points per se, but rather as valuable learning experiences. Qovery simplified the initial setup process, making tasks like connecting domains and databases to applications incredibly straightforward. However, our main challenge revolved around security. As we have stringent security requirements, ensuring the infrastructure's security is paramount. Qovery's flexibility allowed us to customize advanced networking and permission settings to meet our security standards seamlessly.
Additionally, we needed a solution that could support our dynamic environment needs, such as segregating customer data into separate environments. Qovery's ease of use and scalability addressed these challenges effectively, enabling us to adapt our infrastructure to changing requirements with minimal effort.

#4. Qovery Implementation

#How has Qovery contributed to streamlining and automating your deployment process?

Qovery's clone feature has been a game-changer for us. With numerous environments to segregate different customer data, this feature enables us to spin up nearly identical infrastructure quickly and customize it for each customer with minimal effort.
Additionally, Qovery's integration with our CI/CD pipeline automates the deployment process entirely. Our code deploys automatically after passing all tests, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This not only saves us time but also ensures consistency and reliability in our deployments. Qovery's intuitive interface and extensive documentation make it easy for our team to manage and monitor our deployments effectively.

#Can you report any improvements running Qovery in Production OR on your development workflow?

Absolutely. We've had customer workloads running in production for 10 months without experiencing any downtime. This remarkable reliability has spared us from late nights and weekend work, providing peace of mind for our team.
Also, our deployment process has become more efficient and reliable since adopting Qovery. With automated deployments and streamlined workflows, we've reduced the risk of errors and improved our time-to-market significantly.
Additionally, Qovery's built-in monitoring and alerting features have enabled us to proactively identify and address issues, further enhancing our system's reliability and performance.

#5. Results and Outcomes

#Any measurable outcomes, such as time savings, cost reduction, or increased developer productivity?

Upon optimizing our application containers' sizing with Qovery, we managed to reduce our monthly cloud bill by 31% with just two settings adjustments. This significant cost saving was achieved without the need for writing additional code, demonstrating the efficiency of Qovery's features.
Also, our developers have seen a notable increase in productivity since adopting Qovery. With automated deployment processes and simplified infrastructure management, they can focus more on developing features and addressing customer needs rather than managing infrastructure complexities.

#6. Fina World

#If you can tell me one sentence regarding your overall experience with Qovery?

Qovery automates DevOps processes in a developer-friendly manner, empowering our team to focus on building and shipping our product seamlessly while ensuring reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in our infrastructure management.

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