Qovery allowed me to deploy my Web application very quickly, without any prior knowledge in DevOps

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Dan Dray

#What are the main benefits Qovery gives you?

Qovery allowed me to deploy my Web applications very quickly, without any prior knowledge in DevOps, with all the necessary configurations to be autonomous in my deployments. First, by putting me in touch with AWS, in order to benefit from their dedicated offer for startups, and then by strongly supporting me in the deployment and configuration of the server on which our application is running today.
The advice provided by the Qovery team was super powerful and allows me to size my server in the most consistent way possible.

#Why would you recommend Qovery and for whom?

I recommend Qovery to any company that wants to deploy its applications quickly and without much prior knowledge. Qovery is the perfect solution for that and provides a personalized way to the customer's needs.
I am really admiring their way of working, it makes me want to continue with them.
Thanks to the whole team!

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