Qovery has been a game-changer for us, simplifying our infrastructure management and deployment process by at least 10x

GM Labs is a company that creates and manages a crypto-native, decentralized, and user-owned social network. The company's mission is to help people find meaningful web3 communities. Mattew is the founder of GM Labs, leading the development team and establishing the technical vision.

Mattew McGuiness

#What are the main benefits Qovery gives you?

Qovery offers two main benefits that have been game-changers for our start-up. The first is that it simplified our infrastructure management and deployment process by at least 10x. Managing node and application resources are as easy as moving sliders to your desired requirements, and deploying are as simple as pushing to a Git branch. The other main benefit is all of the infrastructure is hosted on our own AWS account. This allows us to have more control over all of the provisioned resources and also enable us to use AWS credits to pay our monthly bill.

#Why would you recommend Qovery and for whom?

I recommend Qovery to anyone looking to move fast and ship quickly without worrying about infrastructure and deployment overhead. I also recommend Qovery to anyone who has credits on cloud computing platforms since those credits can be used to pay your monthly bill and will definitely outweigh the cost of Qovery!

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