Qovery played a crucial role in halving our release cycle time and providing a more cost-effective solution!

Elevo is a performance and talent management platform for the new generation's companies. Their intuitive & modular interface allows you to set up engaging evaluation campaigns throughout the year, define and manage objectives, create inspiring career paths for employees, and much more. Aircall, Kapten, Blablacar, Greenflex, and Leetchi have chosen Elevo to boost the engagement and performance of their teams. Léo-Paul Goffic is the CTPO of Elevo.

Léo-Paul Goffic

#1. Introduction

#Hi Léo-Paul, can you tell me about your role and main responsibilities at Elevo?

As the CTO/CPO at Elevo, my main responsibilities involve overseeing the technical aspects of our projects and ensuring alignment with our product objectives. I work closely with the development team and product managers to drive innovation and deliver high-quality solutions to our customers.

#2. Overview

#Can you briefly describe Elevo's infrastructure/deployment setup before implementing Qovery?

Certainly. Before Qovery, we relied on a single staging environment hosted on Heroku, which was auto-deployed from the master branch on each commit. While this setup initially served our needs, as our projects grew in complexity, we encountered limitations in scalability and flexibility.

#3. Challenges

#Can you share the specific challenges or pain points you were facing in your development and deployment processes?

The main challenge we encountered was the shared nature of our staging environment, which was utilized by all developers and Product Managers. Testing was limited to the master branch, and occasionally, we had to push additional tags, leading to communication overhead. To alleviate bottlenecks, we sometimes deployed ad-hoc preview environments, which incurred additional costs and took hours to set up. These inefficiencies hampered our development velocity and increased our time-to-market

#4. Qovery Implementation

#How has Qovery contributed to streamlining and automating your deployment process?

With Qovery, we've implemented a streamlined deployment process, deploying a preview environment from Docker files for each merge request. This allows us to validate changes efficiently before merging them into the master branch and staging environment. Additionally, Qovery's integration with our CI/CD pipeline has enabled automated deployments, reducing manual intervention and minimizing the risk of errors.

#Can you report any improvements running Qovery in Production OR on your development workflow?

Qovery played a pivotal role in implementing a new validation workflow, reducing our cycle time from almost 7 days to less than 3 days on average. This significant improvement has enhanced our development efficiency and accelerated our time-to-market.
Additionally, Qovery's scalability features have ensured that our infrastructure can easily adapt to fluctuating demand, further enhancing our operational resilience.

#5. Results and Outcomes

#Any measurable outcomes, such as time savings, cost reduction, or increased developer productivity?

Indeed. Qovery helped us halve our cycle time, allowing us to deliver features and updates more rapidly.
Additionally, it provided a more cost-effective and controllable solution compared to Heroku, further optimizing our resource allocation. This has translated into tangible cost savings and improved ROI for our organization.
Qovery's user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation have empowered our developers to be more productive, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

#6. Fina World

#If you can tell me one sentence regarding your overall experience with Qovery?

Qovery helped us deeply transform our development workflow and significantly cost-effectively reduce our cycle time, empowering us to innovate and deliver value to our customers more efficiently. The comprehensive features and excellent support provided by the Qovery team have made our transition seamless and rewarding.

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