Qovery saves me a lot of time! Deploying my monorepo in one click was super powerful

Promis is an InsurTech company for the millions of licensed professionals market. Founded in 2018, they are using cutting-edge technology to provide people with personalized coverage in 30 minutes for the next 30 years. They built powerful digital interfaces and an intelligent insurance comparator, allowing their customers to optimize their insurance, and save an average of 30% on their retirement, life insurance, provident, and mutual insurance contracts. Vincent is the Co-founder & CTO at Promis, leading the development team and establishing the technical vision.

Vincent Stammbach

#What are the main benefits Qovery gives you?

It saves me a lot of time! Deploying my monorepo in one click was something super powerful. Having a monorepo and being able to provision different servers, manage the right environment variables on the right group of servers, to manage the different branches by projects; all this has been game-changing in my day-to-day operations.

Besides, Qovery supports Docker files in a such way, which was a great advantage for us because that fits perfectly with the way we manage all our libraries today. That has definitely accelerated our adoption of the product.

Finally, the quality of the exchanges with the Qovery team (expertise and reactivity to our requests) was really great to support our setup and the way we have adopted the product even more efficiently.


#What would you advise to someone who has been in the same situation as you but never tried Qovery?

First and foremost, for anyone who has questions about managing and optimizing their Ops, it's worth talking to the Qovery team.
Beyond the huge time saving and flexibility that the product brings to our day-to-day operations, I would say go for it now because at the stage Qovery is at today, it's the perfect time for a growing startup to have a maximum of listening and expertise at disposal and a super reactive team (that answers even on Sunday 😁).

#How would you define Qovery if you had to talk about it around you?

For me, Qovery is the next-gen tool designed for tomorrow's software, with the right abstraction layer for growing dev teams with little Ops knowledge and maximum flexibility to further control and support scaling apps.

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