Migrating away from Heroku was a breeze and the regular updates provide more control of the infrastructure and useful functionality!

Play North is the global gaming company that brought Pikakasino in Finland and Kansino in the Netherlands. Since 2018 they have bent over backwards to create fast, safe, and simple online casinos where there are fewer distractions and noise and more happy customers. They only operate in regulated markets and highlight responsible gaming throughout our operations. Simon Facciol is the CTO of Play North.

Simon Facciol

#1. Introduction

#Hi Simon, can you introduce yourself, and your main responsibilities at Play North, please?

As the CTO at Play North, my main responsibilities involve overseeing the technical aspects of our projects, including infrastructure and deployment processes. I work closely with our development teams to ensure that our technological solutions align with our business goals and deliver optimal performance and reliability.

#2. Overview

#Can you briefly describe Play North's infrastructure/deployment setup before implementing Qovery?

Before Qovery, our infrastructure and deployment setup was a mix of Heroku and GitLab Pipelines, and Cloud VMs. We then transitioned to Rancher with Kubernetes. While these tools served their purposes, managing them was challenging. We lacked a cohesive solution that could streamline our processes effectively.

#3. Challenges

#Can you share the specific challenges or pain points you were facing in your development and deployment processes?

Managing our deployment tools proved to be quite complex, especially without a dedicated DevOps resource. Each tool required its own set of configurations and maintenance, which became cumbersome to handle. Additionally, establishing preview environments for QA testing was difficult, as developers weren't actively involved in managing the deployment infrastructure. This led to delays and dependencies on our DevOps team for environment setup and configuration.

#4. Qovery Implementation

#How has Qovery contributed to streamlining and automating your deployment process?

Qovery has been instrumental in simplifying our deployment process. By leveraging Qovery's platform, we were able to seamlessly transition to EKS (AWS Managed Kubernetes), which provided a more streamlined and intuitive deployment experience. Setting up new projects and environments became as easy as it was with Heroku, reducing the time and effort required for deployment tasks.

#Can you report any improvements running Qovery in Production OR on your development workflow?

Absolutely. With Qovery, we gained greater control over resource allocation, allowing us to adjust resources quickly and efficiently without causing any downtime. This flexibility has been invaluable, especially during peak traffic periods or when scaling our applications. Furthermore, Qovery's enhanced pod health configuration has improved the overall reliability of our applications, enabling them to self-heal in case of any issues.

#5. Results and Outcomes

#Any measurable outcomes, such as time savings, cost reduction, or increased developer productivity?

Certainly. Since implementing Qovery, we've seen a significant reduction in the time it takes to deploy new features and updates.
Our developers and QA teams can now test changes in isolated environments without disrupting the release cycle, leading to faster iteration and improved productivity. Additionally, we've been able to optimize our resource usage more effectively, resulting in cost savings across our infrastructure.

#6. Fina World

#If you can tell me one sentence regarding your overall experience with Qovery?

Qovery has been a game-changer for us. It has not only simplified our deployment processes but also empowered our team to be more self-sufficient in managing our infrastructure. With Qovery, we've been able to deliver new features and updates to our customers faster, while also optimizing our resource usage and improving the reliability of our applications. Overall, Qovery has helped us streamline our operations and enhance our development workflow, ultimately driving greater efficiency and innovation within our organization.

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