Deploy on existing VPC for GCP, list of services for a git token, Qovery at the offsite and Kubecon...

Hello Team,

We're excited to share the latest updates we have delivered on Qovery over the past sprint. Check out what's new:

#Deploy on Existing VPC for GCP Clusters

We have already discussed during the last changelog the possibility of customizing your network layer on your managed AWS EKS cluster (check here). This week we have released the feature as well for GCP, the setup is almost the same except for the managed databases subnets (since they are not available on GCP for now).

VPC customization on GCP
VPC customization on GCP

Have a look at our documentation for more information.

#List services associated with a git token

You can now easily find the list of services that have been deployed using one of the git tokens configured for your organization.

Check the section Organization Settings -> Git repository access with the list of tokens, you'll now see a new button allowing to display the list of services using that particular token.

Display the services associated to a git token
Display the services associated to a git token

Note: we plan to implement a similar system for container registries and helm repositories.

#Qovery at the offsite and Kubecon

This week the team attended two big events, this is also one of the reasons why this changelog is "light" compared to the previous ones :)

#Qovery offsite

Since we are a full-remote company, we have a few dedicated moments during the year to meet and spend a few days together. This year we have spent 3 days in Lyon, with a few working sessions, team building activities and nice restaurants. A small picture of our sunny lunch just below

Qovery offsite
Qovery offsite

Check Marie's post here for more information

#Qovery at the Kubecon

This year the Kubecon 2024 was located in Paris and some of our team attended the 4 days event to chat with our customers, leads and even competitors. We have also shared a survival kit for anybody attending the event.

#Minor updates:

  • Enforce protocol for container registries and helm repositories: We have improved the user experience and avoided the small issues where the protocol is missing (for example, you forgot to add HTTP), making your deployment fails.
  • CLI flag to not deploy paused service: we have added a new parameter "--skip-paused-services" to skip the paused services when triggering a deployment for an environment.

These updates are designed to elevate your Qovery experience and provide you with even greater flexibility and control over your deployments.

For the latest news and upcoming features, remember to check out

Happy Deploying!

The Qovery Team 🚀