Deploy on existing VPC, Kubernetes 1.28 upgrade, billing usage dashboard...

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We're excited to share the latest enhancements and features that will streamline your experience on Qovery. Check out what's new:

#Deploy on Existing VPC for AWS Clusters

Customize the network layer of your AWS cluster by deploying it on an existing VPC (only for new clusters). Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your network configuration while benefiting from the seamless Qovery experience. Have a look at our documentation for more information.

Deploy on an existing VPC
Deploy on an existing VPC

We will soon deliver the same feature on your GCP clusters!

#Kubernetes 1.28 Upgrade

As shared on our community forum, we've been working on upgrading your Kubernetes cluster to version 1.28. This upgrade is now completed, see you on the next upgrade to version 1.29!

#Billing usage analytics dashboard

The billing analytics dashboard has been meticulously designed to offer you a clear and concise view of your spending across these four elements. Each section of the dashboard is dedicated to a specific cost component, displaying daily expenses and cumulative costs over your billing period.

Billing dashboard
Billing dashboard

You can access this dashboard from the billing section of your organization, by clicking on the "Show usage" button. Have a look at this article to know more.

#Minor updates:

  • Activate Nat Gateways Feature by Default for AWS Clusters: The "Static IP / NAT gateway" option is now activated by default in the cluster creation flow for AWS clusters. This change is aimed at optimizing costs, as AWS now bills for IPv4 usage, making NAT gateways a more cost-effective option compared to paying for IPv4 on each node of your cluster.
  • PostgreSQL Version 16 Deployment: Deploy the latest version of PostgreSQL, version 16, for your applications.
  • Update Pricing Page in Onboarding: The pricing page has been updated to reflect the new usage-based pricing structure, ensuring transparency and clarity for users.
  • Updated Icons: Enjoy a fresh look and feel with updated icons across the interface, enhancing visual consistency and aesthetics.
  • New Sign-In Page: We have decided to update the design of our sign-in page. While it's primarily a design update, refreshing the appearance of our screens is always a great way to provide a fresh new style.

These updates are designed to elevate your Qovery experience and provide you with even greater flexibility and control over your deployments.

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Happy Deploying!

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