GCP in Beta, Helm improvements and new features, Scaleway migration ...

Hey Team,

Exciting updates are here! Check out the latest improvements and features that we have delivered in the past sprint:

#GCP is now available in Beta!

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Qovery: the public beta release of our Google Cloud Platform (GCP) GKE Autopilot support. This marks a new chapter in our journey, following the successful integration with AWS EKS, Scaleway Kapsule, and Kubernetes.

Have a look at our blog post and our public documentation to know more about it.

#Helm New Features/Improvements

Following the first release we did over the past sprint, we have delivered a few cool improvements and features:

  • Terraform Provider Support: Helm integration now extends its support to the Qovery Terraform provider, providing more options for managing your Helm deployments.
  • Custom Domains Feature: Once you expose your helm chart publicly, you can now customize the domain assigned to your kubernetes service and assign one that you own.
  • Deploy Other Version Feature: Now, easily deploy different versions with the new "Deploy Other Version" feature, enhancing version control for your applications for both your chart and your values override file (if stored in a git repository).
  • Advanced Settings Section: Customize the behaviour of your helm chart deployment with the advanced settings. Right now you can customize the nginx configuration, check our documentation here.
  • Deployment Logs Enhancement: Deployment logs are now optimized by displaying the last 200 lines. A convenient button allows you to load previous logs, addressing performance issues during Helm deployments.
Helm features
Helm features

You can find all the documentation here.

#Scaleway: Clusters Migration to Private Network Complete

Following our communication on our forum, we have launched and successfully completed the migration of Scaleway clusters to use private networks.

#Minor Updates

  • Helm: Bug Fixes Post-Release: We've addressed and fixed bugs that emerged post the Helm release, ensuring a smoother experience.
  • Advanced Setting for KMS Encryption of Kube Secrets: Explore a new advanced setting that enables KMS encryption for Kubernetes secrets, adding an extra layer of security to your deployments.
  • Support Timezone for Cronjobs (API only): API support for timezone in cronjobs is now available. Easily manage cronjobs with timezone settings that suit your needs. We will release the front-end on the next sprint.

Your feedback fuels our continuous improvement. Dive into these updates and experience the enhanced capabilities of Qovery!

For the latest news and upcoming features, remember to check out changelog.qovery.com.

Happy Deploying!

The Qovery Team 🚀