Managed GCP GKE Autopilot Released in Public Beta

I am thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Qovery: the public beta release of our Google Cloud Platform (GCP) GKE Autopilot support. This marks a new chapter in our journey, following the successful integration with AWS EKS, Scaleway Kapsule, and Kubernetes. In this announcement article I'll explain what you can get out of GCP GKE Autopilot and what is coming next 👇

Romaric Philogène

Romaric Philogène

January 9, 2024 · 4 min read
Managed GCP GKE Autopilot Released in Public Beta - Qovery

Getting Started with Qovery GCP GKE Autopilot

#Seamless Experience Across Cloud Providers

Our philosophy at Qovery has always been to simplify the complexities of cloud infrastructure for developers, enabling them to focus on what they do best – coding.

With the introduction of GCP support, we are bringing the same level of simplicity and efficiency that our users have enjoyed on our Managed offer of AWS EKS and Scaleway Kapsule.

#GKE Autopilot: Revolutionizing Cluster Management

A key feature of our GCP integration is the use of GKE Autopilot. This managed service from Google automates the sizing and management of your Kubernetes clusters. It eliminates the need for manual intervention in managing the size of cluster nodes. You only pay for the actual CPU and memory resources your applications use, not for the entire capacity of the cluster nodes. This is not just cost-effective but also simplifies operations significantly.

GCP GKE Autopilot diagram - Credits Google Cloud Platform
GCP GKE Autopilot diagram - Credits Google Cloud Platform

GKE Autopilot is a mode of operation in GKE in which Google manages your cluster configuration, including your nodes, scaling, security, and other preconfigured settings.

For those leveraging Qovery for Ephemeral Environments, this feature is a game changer. It means faster, more efficient testing and deployment processes without worrying about over-provisioning resources.

#What's the added value of Qovery?

Qovery provides much more than just a Managed GCP GKE Autopilot cluster. Here's what sets Qovery apart:

  • Rapid State-of-the-Art Production Setup: With Qovery, you can launch a production-ready setup on Kubernetes in GCP in as little as 30 minutes. Qovery takes care of everything for you - from VPC to cluster configuration. This rapid deployment capability allows you to streamline your development process right from the start. If you need to spin up multiple clusters, no problem. It comes for free.
  • Zero Day-2 Maintenance: Our platform manages the maintenance for you. From rolling updates for GKE to handling underlying dependencies, Qovery ensures your systems are always up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly, freeing you from the complexities of ongoing maintenance.
  • Ready-to-Use Internal Developer Platform: Qovery acts as your ready-to-deploy Internal Developer Platform, offering a comprehensive set of tools and services designed to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Outstanding Developer Experience: We focus heavily on the developer experience. Qovery enables a self-service environment for engineers, fostering autonomy and speeding up the development cycle, all without compromising on security and governance.
  • Ephemeral Environments: Our integration with GCP includes support for Ephemeral Environments, allowing developers to test and validate their applications in isolated, temporary setups that mirror production environments closely.
  • Effective Cost Management: With Qovery on GCP, you gain detailed insights and control over your cloud expenditures. Our tools help you optimize resource usage and reduce costs without sacrificing performance.
  • Robust Access Control: Implementing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Qovery ensures secured access to resources. Developers can safely access what they need, maintaining security and compliance standards.

#Open Source Transparency

In line with our commitment to transparency and community collaboration, the code for our GCP GKE Autopilot integration is available on GitHub (GCP Cloud Provider and GCP Library). We encourage our community to explore, contribute, and provide feedback to help us refine and enhance this integration.

#A Perfect Fit for Testing

The public beta release of our GCP GKE Autopilot support is primarily geared towards testing environments. It provides a robust platform for developers to test their applications in a cloud environment that closely mirrors production settings. However, I must emphasize that while this release is fully functional for testing purposes, those looking to run production workloads should approach with caution.

#Production Workloads: A Word of Caution

We are confident in the stability and capabilities of our GCP GKE Autopilot integration. However, as with any public beta, there may be undiscovered issues or limitations that could affect its use in production environments. We recommend that users interested in deploying production workloads on GCP through Qovery get in touch with our team (contact us via the chat on the bottom right :)). This ensures that we can guide you through any potential hurdles and confirm that our platform meets your specific production needs.

#What's next?

As we continue to enhance our Managed GCP offering, the next steps involve working closely with the GCP architect team to validate all the infrastructure elements set up by Qovery. This collaboration aims to ensure optimal performance, security, and reliability of the services we provide on the GCP platform.

Also, we're excited to announce upcoming features such as Static IPs, VPC Peering, and other enhancements that will further streamline the cloud experience for our users. These additions are part of our continuous effort to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly cloud environment.

For those eager to get started with our Managed GCP integration, detailed installation documentation is available at Qovery GCP Quickstart Guide.

Want to know more about the current limitations? Read this forum thread.

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