BYOK, Enhancements in Deployment, Helm Integration...

We're excited to bring you another round of updates, focusing on deployment enhancements, service list improvements, and the ongoing development of our Helm integration. Let's dig into what we've achieved in the last two weeks.

#Qovery BYOK: Bring Your Own Kubernetes

We're proud to announce Qovery's Bring Your Own Kubernetes (BYOK) feature. This marks a significant step forward in offering you more flexibility and control over your Kubernetes infrastructure.

Install Qovery on any Kubernetes cluster(s) - BYOK
Install Qovery on any Kubernetes cluster(s) - BYOK

Learn more about this exciting development in our blog post.

#Deployment Error Recap

Understanding deployment errors is key to a quick resolution. We've added a Recap status report for service deployment failures, providing a summary of errors and warnings encountered.

Deployment Error Recap - Qovery
Deployment Error Recap - Qovery

Our next steps include:

  • Enhancing the troubleshooting guide with common errors.
  • Improving the design of this section to make it more visible and to guide users effectively to the troubleshooting resources.

#Revamped Service List

We're thrilled to release our new service list, which now distinctly separates service and deployment statuses.

Revamped service list
Revamped service list

This update also includes quick actions, making it easier for you to manage and monitor your services at a glance.

#Resolution of Scaleway Cluster Deployment Issues

We've identified and addressed a critical issue with Scaleway cluster deployments. Scaleway now requires VPC configuration during cluster setup, which was causing failures. We've implemented a fix for all new clusters and are actively working on resolving this for existing clusters to ensure smooth operations.

#Helm Integration Progress

We’re making significant strides in integrating Helm. The API is ready, albeit with a few features still pending like Terraform/CLI support and exposing services publicly.

Qovery natively supports Helm Chart via the API (soon web console, Terraform and CLI)
Qovery natively supports Helm Chart via the API (soon web console, Terraform and CLI)

On the front-end, we're working on creating and updating the service overview section.

#Minor changes:

  • Resolved an issue where the service list wasn’t loading occasionally.
  • Fixed the environment variable import functionality for more reliable configuration management.
  • Added a warning notice for "possible downtime" when changing the cluster instance type, enhancing user awareness during critical operations.

As always, we're dedicated to improving Qovery in ways that matter most to you. Your feedback is invaluable in guiding our efforts, so please share your thoughts on these latest updates.

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