Qovery Demo Day Summary - May 2022

Our last Qovery Demo Day took place on a live on the first Thursday of May. This event aims to give you some insights into what we did during the past month and what’s next and showcase some of our new features. During this demo day, Bilel (Software Engineer at Qovery) and Romain (Software Engineer at Qovery) joined me to talk about Terraform Improvements demo and Docker Build Improvements demo.

Albane Tonnellier

Albane Tonnellier

May 19, 2022 · 4 min read
Qovery Demo Day Summary - May 2022 - Qovery


5min: Qovery quick intro

10min: What we worked on last month

5min: Docker Build Improvements demo

5min: Terraform Improvements demo

5min: What's coming next

10min: Q&A

#Qovery quick intro

Qovery is the simplest way to deploy your apps on AWS. More than 20 000 developers use Qovery to deploy their apps on AWS.

Qovery builds your apps and integrates them into your CI. Developers are autonomous to make their applications run before releasing.

With Qovery, developers can deploy their applications in dev, staging, and production environments. Every push is deployed.

DevOps get a production-ready platform in 30 minutes on AWS, which lets them manage and control their infrastructure.

The Qovery Engine operates and runs on top of Kubernetes in your cloud account. It is open-source and ready to be fine-tuned as your need grow.

#What we worked on last month

#Logs improvements (Console V2)

Our logs were missing a bit of magic, so we decided to dedicate a bit of time to:

  • change columns order
  • add colors to the pod name
  • add commit id
  • add filtering by pod name

In this changelog, you can find more information about how to filter the pod by name.

Logs Improvements (Console V2)
Logs Improvements (Console V2)

#Bug sprint

Our Frontend and Backend teams dedicated a particular sprint to bug hunting and improvements during two weeks! Why is that? Well, I made an entire article about it a few weeks ago!

Bug sprint
Bug sprint

#Docker Build Improvements demo

Romain (Software Engineer at Qovery) made a significant improvement for Docker Build; in this video you can find all the changes that has been done in the code.

#Terraform Improvements demo

Our team shipped the Qovery Terraform Provider in February, but we realised that many improvements could be made, so we dedicated a part of a sprint to make it even better. Bilel (Software Engineer at Qovery) showed us the improvements made to the Qovery Terraform Provider; you can find all of it in this video, but otherwise, here is a small summary of what has been done:

  • Add the VPC peering feature to the cluster
  • Use Qovery’s API token
  • Use instance type to create the cluster instead of CPU/ RAM
  • Add build-in environment variables to the application, environment and project
  • Add secrets to the application, environment and project
  • Various bugs and fixes and stability improvement
  • Functional tests

#What's coming next

#Qovery V2

  • [API] Advanced Settings
    Since the demo day, this feature has been shipped already (I know, our team is blazing fast).
    Qovery already allows you to customize quite a lot of parameters in your application (RAM, storage, Networks…); for most of our clients, it’s more than enough to have their applications up and running the way they want, but we are aware that some specific industry or more prominent companies might require more, that’s why we created the advanced settings: a section that you can find in the API only for now.
    Nb: the section will grow within the next sprints.
  • Add environment and application status
    In development, as we are speaking, this feature will allow you to know what is the current status of your service so that you can verify why your application is having problems and also understand what is the current status of your environment so that you can ascertain why one or more of your applications are having problems.
  • Support applications creation for image registry
    For this one, the development just started as well, and it will allow you to create your application directly from an image registry so that you don't have to build the application via Qovery.

#Qovery V3

On top of maintaining the V2 and adding essential features, our team is also working hard on the V3. Last month was very exciting because the team focused on implementing the layout and the first routing to manage the navigation system, so we could see a first glimpse of the V3 and test it ourselves; we can’t wait for you to try it out too.

You will be able to beta test the V3 in a few weeks; contact us via Intercom or Discord if you want to be included.

Qovery V3
Qovery V3

#Wrapping up

With more than 400 views on our last Qovery Demo Day, we thank you for your trust because our product, team, and vision would not be possible without your support. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on Discord or directly on the chat from our website, and we’ll see you for the next Qovery Demo Day. 💜

If you want to see the replay of our live event, it’s happening right below 👇🏻

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Your Favorite Internal Developer Platform

Qovery is an Internal Developer Platform Helping 50.000+ Developers and Platform Engineers To Ship Faster.

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