Announcing Qovery EC2: Deploy your apps on AWS for $20/m

What is Qovery EC2? In just one sentence: what if I told you that you could host your application on AWS from $20 per month? Well, it’s now possible thanks to Qovery EC2! 🦾

Albane Tonnellier

Albane Tonnellier

June 29, 2022 · 1 min read
Announcing Qovery EC2: Deploy your apps on AWS for $20/m - Qovery
Written byAlbane Tonnellier

Albane Tonnellier

Albane is a Product Owner at Qovery with previous RoR developer experience.

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Today, Qovery relies on an AWS EKS (Managed Kubernetes by AWS) to deploy your apps. This service costs you $220/month. Regardless that you deploy 1 or 10 applications. Our team has been working for two months on a $20/month offer to host your apps on AWS - Qovery AWS EC2. The difference? Qovery no longer spawns an AWS EC2 instance instead of an AWS EKS Kubernetes cluster. It's the perfect solution for your hobby project and testing environments.

Qovery EC2 vs EKS

Qovery Ec2
Qovery Ec2

The main difference between AWS EC2 and AWS EKS is the number of Availability Zones (AZ). If a network or power disruption happens on the AZ where the EC2 instance runs, your applications will no longer be available until it's solved. It's an acceptable outage for most of the development and hobby projects. We only recommend running development and hobby projects on an EC2 instance!

Here is a quick demo video of Qovery EC2👇🏻

How to get started?

Nothing easier:

1. Create a cluster

2. Choose AWS

3. Choose EC2

4. That's it! 🤩

Deploy On-demand Environments on AWS, Remarkably Fast

Deploy your Production, Staging, and Development Environments on AWS in a few seconds. Managed databases, AWS VPC Peering, Preview Environments... Qovery got you covered!

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Deploy On-demand Environments on AWS, Remarkably Fast