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Blazingly fast Preview Environments on your AWS account ⚡️

Get a full replica of your production environment for every pull request, complete with shareable links for continuous collaboration on your AWS account

Get your Preview Environments in a few minutes

How Preview Environments works


1. Connect your AWS account

Setup your AWS account on Qovery to start to deploy your apps. Qovery bootstrap the required infrastructure in 15 minutes.


2. Connect your Git repository

Select your Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket repository.


3. Turn on your Preview Environments

Your preview apps are up and running instantly.

1. Connect your AWS account

Create your cluster on AWS with Qovery

2. Connect your Git repository

Connect your Github or Gitlab repo to deploy your app

3. Turn on your Preview Environments

Your preview apps and databases are up and running on your AWS account with Qovery

Beyond Preview Environment

Preview Environment

Get a preview environment for each Pull Request (PR) on Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket. Once you merge your PR, your preview environment disappears. Monorepository and micro-services are supported.

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Manage preview environments for each applications

Clone environment

Clone any environment in one click to make product demo, test a migration, or test a new feature with confidence.

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clone an environment in one click


Invite your teammates for better collaboration.

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Manage the members from your organizations and control their access


Qovery supports microservices from day 1. Connect your applications and let them communicate securely. Monorepo is supported.

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View of an environment with 2 backend applications and one postgresql database


Qovery uses Managed databases for production databases and containers for developement databases. PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL and Redis are supported.

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Don't take our words for granted

Preview environments are awesome, they were one of the strongest draws and have proven to be great to work with, test PRs, and make changes against. No more coordinating across multiple archaic systems.

Nicholas MoschopoulosSoftware Engineer @ Creative Juice

Qovery made it easy and seamless for us to share environments. We have total control of "what is in" and "how are" our environments. Qovery is a must-have.

Emanuel SilvaSoftware Engineering Team Leader @

Time is a real competitive advantage, and Qovery has saved us quite a few weeks in setting up our own DevOps machine. They met our requirements perfectly: continuous deployment on a resilient and scalable system.

Guillaume GelinCTO & Co-Founder @ Refty