Improvements on self-managed & demo cluster installation process, GCP Artifact Registry support, Mirroring registry update, Check Dockerfile existence in creation flow...

Hello Team,

Summer is almost here, and we're finally enjoying a few sunny days in Paris. Besides spending time outside enjoying the good weather, here’s what the team has delivered over the past two weeks:

#Self-managed & demo installation process improved

We have improved the installation process for both self-managed and demo cluster installations.

  • Self-managed clusters: The `qovery cluster install` command will now guide you through the container registry configuration. This necessary infrastructure piece is used by our engine to store built images and mirror deployed containers (more info on it here)
  • Local demo clusters: The local demo cluster installation process (installed via the `qovery demo up command`) requires a few dependencies to be installed on your machine, like jq, curl, helm, etc. We have improved the CLI to automatically install these dependencies, simplifying the setup. There is also a new --debug parameter allowing you to retrieve debug logs under /tmp/qovery-demo/qovery-demo.log and share them with the Qovery team if needed.

#GCP container registries support

Welcome to GCP container registries (Artifact registries)! You can now deploy your application by pulling images from a GCP Artifact registry directly from the Qovery console (Organization settings > Container registries)

GCP Artifact Registry
GCP Artifact Registry

You can find the documentation on how to deploy your application from a container registry right here.

#Mirroring registry update

We have already talked a lot about registries, and we continue on this point.

Here’s a quick recap of what a Mirroring registry is: it is the container registry that Qovery uses to push images built from your application or mirror the container images you deploy directly with Qovery. More information can be found in this document.

We have moved the Mirroring registries to the Cluster settings, clarifying the strict relation between the cluster and the registry used in the mirroring process.

Mirroring registry in cluster settings
Mirroring registry in cluster settings

The Mirroring registries are no longer visible in the Organization container registry list and cannot be used to create new services.

#Improving the service creation flow experience - check Dockerfile existence in creation flow

We are adding a few additional checks and helpers in the service creation flow. The first improvement is a check for the existence of the Dockerfile. Previously, this check was done only at the end of the flow, making it tedious to troubleshoot issues. Now, this check occurs at the first step, making it easier to identify problems early on.

Dockerfile verification
Dockerfile verification

Be prepared for more improvements, such as fetching Helm chart names and versions instead of using free-text fields and fetching container versions instead of using free-text fields.

#Minor updates:

  • New BUILT_IN env vars: We have added the container tag and the deployment id as built_in environment variables.
  • Mongo v7 support: You can deploy MongoDB v7 directly from the Qovery console.
  • 404 pages: we have added dedicated 404 pages when the selected resources is not available.

These updates are aimed at improving usability, performance, and flexibility, empowering you to deploy with confidence and efficiency.

For the latest news and upcoming features, remember to check out

Happy Deploying!

The Qovery Team 🚀