Shell via the UI, Qovery annotations/labels injection for Helm, public git repository deployment...

Hello Team,

We're excited to introduce some exciting enhancements and new features to improve your experience with Qovery. Check out the latest updates:

#Shell Connection via Qovery Console

Connect directly to your running applications via shell directly from the Qovery console (UI). This feature, previously available only via the CLI, is now accessible from our console, offering more convenience and accessibility.

Shell within the Qovery console
Shell within the Qovery console

If you have multiple pods and/or containers running within a pod, you can select the pod/container you want to interact with!

#Helm Deployment - Automatic Injection of Qovery Labels/Annotations

Say goodbye to the manual configuration of the Qovery annotations and labels (qovery.annotations.service and qovery.labels.service) necessary to fully configure and deploy your Helm chart with Qovery!

  mylabel: "test"

Qovery now automatically injects the required labels and annotations to Kubernetes objects for Helm chart deployments. No need to add qovery macros anymore; our Kubernetes admission controller handles it all seamlessly.

#Support for Git Public Repositories

Deploy applications from any public Git repository with ease. Simply select the "Public Git repository" option from the "Git repository" list in the service creation flow, expanding your deployment options.

Deploy from a public git repository
Deploy from a public git repository

Remember that all the git automation that Qovery offers (auto-deploy, preview environments) is not available if you select a public repository.

#Minor updates:

  • Updated Instances Number Component: The instances number component now allows you to scale up to 1000 instances, removing previous restrictions (max 50).
  • Harmonized Service Creation Flows: We've streamlined the service creation flows for a more consistent and user-friendly experience.
  • New Header with Reduced Size: Experience a cleaner interface with a new, reduced-size header, optimizing screen space and improving usability.
  • Added Banner for Ongoing Deployment Cancellation: Stay informed! A banner is now displayed on the application and environment page if a deployment cancellation is in progress.
  • Warning Error for Missing Scheme during Container Registries/Helm Repositories Creation: A warning error is now displayed if the scheme is missing during container registries or Helm repositories creation, ensuring smoother workflows.
  • Force Lowercase for Configured Custom Domains: configured custom domains are now forced to lowercase, preventing potential errors.

These updates are designed to elevate your Qovery experience and provide you with even greater flexibility and control over your deployments.

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Happy Deploying!

The Qovery Team 🚀