Google and Microsoft login providers, bulk action on services, Kubernetes upgrades, UX improvements...

Hello Team,

We're excited to share the latest enhancements and features that will streamline your experience on Qovery. Check out what's new:

#Added Google and Microsoft Login Providers

You can now log in to the Qovery console using your Google or Microsoft account, providing more convenience and flexibility. Please note that logging in with a different provider will create a new user profile, requiring you to re-invite your account.

Google and Microsoft added to the login list
Google and Microsoft added to the login list

One of the next objectives for us is to let you link multiple accounts so that you won't have to switch between them!

#Bulk Actions on Services

Say goodbye to deploying services one by one! With bulk actions, you can now select multiple services and apply actions such as deploy, stop, or delete, saving you time and effort.

Action on more than one service
Action on more than one service

#Kubernetes Version Upgrade

All clusters have been upgraded to version 1.27 and version 1.28 has been set as default for any new cluster. Additionally, we've begun migrating non-production clusters to version 1.28 this week. Check out our migration plan here.

#UX improvements

  • Added Table "Job Output" for Lifecycle Jobs: Gain quick insight into job outputs with the new "Job Output" table in your overview. Example: your terraform job creates an RDS instance and writes in the output the DB_URI, you will find this variable directly in the job output table. Note that every job output is automatically injected as environment variables across services within the same environment.
Job output
Job output
  • Create On-the-Fly Git Repo Access/Helm Repo/Container Registry: Streamline your workflow by creating git repositories, Helm repositories, and container registries on the fly during the creation process. No need to leave the creation flow to add them to your organization, enhancing efficiency and convenience.
Create git helm repositories and container registry on the fly
Create git helm repositories and container registry on the fly

#Minor updates:

  • Added Deployment Restrictions in Terraform Provider: Enjoy more control over deployments with the addition of deployment restrictions in the Terraform provider.
  • Fix: Redirect on Correct Page When Closing Logs: Experience smoother navigation with improved redirection to the correct page when closing logs.
  • Automatic Filtering of Live Logs Based on Selected Pod: Live logs of an application are now automatically filtered based on the selected pod in the service overview, providing focused insights.
  • Harmonized Date Representation and Timezone Preferences: Date representation across the console is now harmonized, dates are expressed in your browser timezone but you can access the UTC value on over. Additionally, you can set your timezone preferences in the user settings for a personalized experience.
  • Update Kubeconfig for Self-managed clusters:

Your feedback continues to drive our efforts to improve Qovery, and we're grateful for your ongoing support and collaboration.

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