Self-managed cluster in beta, new pricing, Kubernetes upgrades, new environment list...

Hello Team,

We're excited to share some significant updates and improvements to Qovery that will enhance your experience and help your projects thrive. Here's what's new:

#Qovery Self-Managed Clusters in Beta

Experience the full power of Qovery on any Kubernetes cluster running on AWS, GCP, or Scaleway with our new self-managed cluster offer (also known as BYOK). Simply create the cluster on the Qovery console and install Qovery using our Helm chart.

self-managed announcement
self-managed announcement

Stay tuned for updates as we work towards enabling Qovery to run on any Kubernetes cluster without cloud provider constraints.

#New Pricing Model

We're introducing a new usage-based pricing model related to deployment time, effective March 1st, 2024.

Despite significant enhancements to our platform, we've kept our pricing unchanged until now. This change reflects our commitment to offering transparent, fair pricing aligned with the value you derive from our service. With usage-based pricing, you only pay for what you use, making it easier to scale your operations without budget concerns.

You should have already received an email explaining the new system, learn more on our pricing page here. Note that this does not apply to annual contracts.

In the meantime, we are working on providing you with all the data to let you identify and optimize any problem in your deployment pipeline speed (see an example below)

Control your cost
Control your cost

#Kubernetes Version Upgrade

Version 1.27 is now set as the default version for any new cluster. Additionally, we've begun migrating non-production clusters to version 1.27 this week. Check out our migration plan here.

#New Environment List page

We have revamped our environment list page to provide you with a clear view of its status and as well the cluster where the environment will be deployed.

New environment list
New environment list

#Minor Updates

  • Activated Encryption on EC2 EBS Disks During 1.27 Migration: As part of the migration to version 1.27, encryption has been activated on EC2 EBS disks, enhancing data security.
  • Updated CIDR Block List for Cluster Creation: We've updated the CIDR block list for cluster creation to ensure completeness and accuracy.
  • Added Command in the CLI to Update an Existing Environment Variable: Thanks to Tunda for the contribution! You can now update an existing environment variable using the new command in the CLI.

Your feedback continues to drive our efforts to improve Qovery, and we're grateful for your ongoing support and collaboration.

For the latest news and upcoming features, remember to check out

Happy Deploying!

The Qovery Team 🚀