GCP improvements, support for private base images, timezone for cronjob, reduced cluster cost ...

Hey Team,

We're thrilled to bring you some fantastic updates that will enhance your Qovery experience. Check out the latest improvements and features:

#GCP integration improvements

We have delivered a few improvements since our release last week:

  • Deployment of Loki and Promtail Completed: We've successfully deployed Loki and Promtail on your GKE clusters. Now, your application logs are stored in Loki, allowing you to access historical application logs conveniently.
  • Support for TCP/UDP Protocols: You can now publicly expose your applications using TCP/UDP protocols, offering more flexibility in how you connect with your applications.

What you should expect in the next releases:

  • More Network parameters: you'll be able to configure the cluster to use a static IP for the outbound traffic, and the subnets of your cluster and as well decide whether to use your own VPC.
  • Make GCP workload deployments iso with AWS: you will be able to attach service accounts to the workload deployed on the GKE cluster and deploy applications using the ARM architecture. 

#Added Support for Private Base Images in Build:

Enjoy enhanced security and build flexibility with the support for private base images in your builds. What you have to do is:

  • Add in your Dockerfile the FROM statement pointing to an image available on a private repository
FROM qoverytest.jfrog.io/docker-local/apache:1.0.0 ....
  • Add the private image registry in the organization settings.
Private registry
Private registry

#Support Timezones in Cronjobs

Before this release, every cronjob was running using the UTC timezone making it hard to cover all the use cases. You can now customize the cronjobs' timezone and use the one that matches your scheduling needs. With timezone support, managing cronjobs becomes more efficient and flexible.

cronjob timezone
cronjob timezone

You can find here the documentation.

#Reduced Cluster Cost

Thanks to the investigation of one of our customers (thank you François), we've optimized the auto-scaler configuration to improve node eviction behaviour, resulting in fewer instances running on your cluster when there's no real need.

This optimization reduces cluster costs and enhances resource utilization. It's already live and you should already see the benefits!

#Minor Updates

  • Helm - Added Helm in Terraform Exporter: Helm services can now be exported as terraform manifest via the Terraform exporter feature.
  • CLI - Added List Projects Command: Stay organized with the new list projects command in the CLI. Easily view and manage your projects from the command line interface.

Your feedback continues to drive our improvements, and we're excited to deliver these updates to you. Wishing you a fantastic end to the year and a successful start to the new one!

For the latest news and upcoming features, remember to check out changelog.qovery.com.

Happy Deploying!

The Qovery Team 🚀