Deploying Helm, Port-forward with CLI, improved Shell ...

Hey Team,

Here's a quick rundown of the latest updates over the past 2 weeks:

#Deploy your Helm chart

Exciting news - our Helm chart deployment feature is now officially released! You can now deploy your helm chart or one of the thousands available in the public or private git or Helm repositories directly from the Qovery console.

Please note that this feature does not "just" let you deploy a Helm chart but it includes a few improvements that Qovery brings on top of the basic "helm install .. "

Check our public announcement and our documentation to know more.

In the meantime, have a look at our announcement video below showing how to install Datadog via their Helm chart:

#CLI Port-Forward Support!

The CLI just got even more powerful! We've added support for port-forwarding, making it easier than ever to connect to your application and databases deployed on the cloud, even if they are not exposed publicly over the internet.

Just download the CLI and run:

qovery port-forward -p 8000:80 #your_local_port:your_remote_port 

You can now connect to the remote resource by using your local port (8000 in this case).

Check-out our video below:

You can find here the official documentation.

#CLI Shell Improvements

Not only we have delivered the port-forward, but we've also enhanced the CLI shell experience with some exciting features:

  • Target Specific Pods: Now, your shell command can specifically target individual pods, giving you more precision and control.
  • Direct Command Passing: Pass the command you want the shell to run directly. It's all about making your CLI experience smoother and more customizable.
Shell with Qovery CLI
Shell with Qovery CLI

#Minor Updates

  • Bug Fixes: We have fixed the false positive diffs on our terraform provider.
  • Scaleway Clusters Migration (Private Networks): Thanks to your input and collaboration, we've made progress with the Scaleway clusters migration, specifically addressing private networks. Your contributions make Qovery better for everyone.

As always, your feedback drives these improvements, and we're committed to delivering a top-notch experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

For the latest news and upcoming features, remember to check out

Happy Deploying!

The Qovery Team 🚀