Helm integration, get Kubeconfig, Service overview update ...

Greetings Team,

Here we are with the last recap before this end-of-the-year break. You can find below the list of the exciting deployments that have unfolded over the past two weeks on the product side:

#Updates on our Helm Integration

In our staging environment, we are testing the latest features for deploying Helm charts, enhancing your Kubernetes deployment experience. Highlights include the ability to:

  • Add Helm Repository from OCI Private Registries: Seamlessly integrate Helm repositories from OCI private registries, expanding your options for managing Helm charts.
  • Expose Deployed Services Publicly: Declare the service and port to expose, making your deployed services publicly accessible (see screenshot below). Qovery creates the ingress configuration, TLS and domain to expose your services publicly!
  • Manage Settings of Existing Helm Qovery Service: We have finalized the settings section, allowing you to control your helm charts after their creation.
  • Environment variables replacement: use any of the Qovery environment variables within your chart by just placing a macro qovery.env.<variable_name>

Here's a quick screenshot of how you can easily define the service and the port you want to expose over the internet

Export service over the internet
Export service over the internet

We will release the Helm deployment feature over the next sprint, wait for it!

#Retrieve Kubeconfig from Existing Cluster

To streamline integration, we've introduced the ability to retrieve the Kubeconfig file from an existing cluster. This enhancement simplifies the process of retrieving this file, making it possible in just a few clicks.

get Kubeconfig
get Kubeconfig

You can find here the documentation.

#Service List Improvements

Enhancements to the service list now include additional information such as database type, cronjob schedule, and lifecycle job events, offering a more comprehensive overview of deployed services.

Service list improvement
Service list improvement

#Scaleway Clusters Migration: Stay Updated

A reminder to our community that Scaleway clusters migration is in progress. For more details and updates on the migration process, check out our forum thread here. We appreciate your attention to this important update.

#Minor Updates

  • Bug Fix on Terraform Diff: We've resolved an issue with Terraform plan diff, ensuring accurate reporting without false positives.
  • Remove Automatic Option from Environment Creation/Clone: The automatic option has been removed from environment creation/clone, providing users with clearer choices and control over the process.

We're constantly striving to enhance Qovery in ways that directly benefit you, our valued users. Your feedback plays a crucial role in this journey, so please feel free to share your thoughts on these updates.

For the latest news and upcoming features, remember to check out changelog.qovery.com.

Sending warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and joyful holidays to all our awesome changelog readers!