Helm Integration, GCP Integration progress, BYOK...

We're excited to bring you another round of updates, focusing on our Helm integration, GCP integration progress, Qovery BYOK. Let's dig into what we've achieved in the last two weeks.

#Ongoing Helm Integration

Significant progress has been made in our Helm integration:

  • The API now allows deploying other versions from Git for values override.
  • We're excited to announce that Helm repository management and the service page frontend are now in production!
  • However, some parts are still under development, including the creation flow (manual override pending) and all settings, which await the completion of the creation flow.

#GCP Integration Progress

Our work with integrating GCP continues to move forward. We've successfully integrated the GCP Container Registry and created the first list of parameters available for configuration in the UI. This is an important step towards a more seamless GCP integration within Qovery.

GCP Integration with Qovery
GCP Integration with Qovery

Our public beta will be available for January 2024. For private early access, check out this article.

#Qovery Bring Your Own Kubernetes (BYOK)

We are diligently working on the Qovery BYOK feature. The design document has been updated, and we have identified the tasks necessary to deliver the first version. This feature is a significant part of our roadmap, and we're eager to bring it to fruition.

#Terraform Plugin Framework Bump

Thanks to a recent update to our Terraform plugin framework, Engin Diri (from Pulumi) created a Pulumi provider for Qovery.

Engin Diri tweet about the Qovery Pulumi provider ❤️
Engin Diri tweet about the Qovery Pulumi provider ❤️

This enhancement broadens the scope of infrastructure as code capabilities for our users.

Please share your feedback if you use the Qovery Pulumi Provider.

#Scaleway Credentials Update

We've implemented a crucial fix involving Scaleway credentials by adding the organization ID. This improvement will require an update to your existing configuration. We will be sending out communications shortly to guide our customers through this update process

#Minor Updates

  • Frontend and Backend Bug Fixes: We've addressed various bugs in both frontend and backend. These include fixes in live logs for container databases and container registry edition, as well as resolving service deployment issues related to pre-checks and TLS certificate generation for Scaleway.

We're constantly striving to enhance Qovery in ways that directly benefit you, our valued users. Your feedback plays a crucial role in this journey, so please feel free to share your thoughts on these updates.

For the latest news and upcoming features, remember to check out changelog.qovery.com.