Live Logs, Git Tokens, New Service Overview...

Our team is excited to share the latest enhancements and features developed over the past couple of weeks. These updates are focused on giving you better visibility into your services, improving user experience, and expanding configuration capabilities. Let’s explore what’s new.

#Enhanced Service Overview with New Pod Status TableView

Understanding your application's health is vital. Our new pod status table view in the Service Overview allows you to see the current status of your app pods at a glance.

It provides detailed information, especially useful in error scenarios, including cron job and lifecycle job execution results. (We are also working on improving the troubleshooting guides to assist you further during the investigation process).

#Git Tokens Now Supported

Building on the success of our hackathon project, we have now implemented the API to create apps using git tokens, moving away from using the user's git token. This provides enhanced security and convenience.

The Git token management view is at the organizational level.
The Git token management view is at the organizational level.

Check out the documentation here.

#Optimized Live Logs Experience

We've refined the live logs feature by only displaying the logs that arrive after you open the window. If you want to review past logs, you can now explicitly request them.

This change addresses the confusion of encountering old logs and mistakenly thinking they reflect the current status.

#Advanced NGINX Ingress Configuration

You now have the power to manage Kubernetes NGINX ingress controller scaling, both horizontal and vertical, through the cluster's advanced settings. This added flexibility allows you to optimize performance based on your specific needs.

Kubernetes NGINX ingress controller configuration via cluster advanced settings
Kubernetes NGINX ingress controller configuration via cluster advanced settings

Check out the documentation here.

#Front-end Evolution with React Query

In our ongoing efforts to improve the responsiveness and performance of our front-end, we've migrated a significant portion to use react-query. This change brings more efficient data synchronization and state management, leading to a smoother and faster user experience.

Check out all those crazy closed Pull Requests 😁!

#Minor Updates

  • A new banner will now notify you about clusters with invalid credentials, keeping you informed for prompt action.
  • We’ve enhanced the security of build and helm logs by hiding sensitive data.
  • On the CLI front, we've introduced a --database option that allows you to deploy a list of databases efficiently.

These updates are part of our commitment to provide a platform that meets the evolving needs of developers and platform engineers. Your feedback is essential in shaping our journey, so please share your thoughts on these new changes.

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