API Role Management, Cluster Options, TLS Certificate Offloading...

We're back with another set of updates designed to improve your user experience and provide you with more control over your development and deployment processes. Here are the new features and improvements we've rolled out.

#Role Management for API Tokens

Security and access control have always been a priority for us. With the new update, you can assign permissions to API tokens, moving away from the default Admin role.

This granular control ensures that each API token has just the right level of access, enhancing security and governance.

#New Cluster Delete Options

We've introduced two additional options for the cluster delete feature. These options are designed to handle special cases, such as situations where the customer has already removed resources on their end.

This provides a cleaner and more flexible way to manage your clusters.

#Certificate Management for Custom Domains

We understand that there are various requirements when it comes to certificate management. You now have the ability to deactivate the certificate management feature when adding a custom domain, making it particularly useful when you're using a CDN to proxy traffic.

Read more from our documentation.

#Revamped Service Overview

We’ve given the Service Overview section a makeover. A new sidebar and link button have been added, offering you better visibility and control.

Revamped Sidebar Service Overview
Revamped Sidebar Service Overview

We're also in the process of releasing a new pod table to provide more comprehensive information, especially in case of issues.

#Image Mirroring Modes

You now have the option to mirror container images either by service or by the cluster. While organizing by the cluster speeds up deployments, it can increase the registry size and associated costs.

Change mirroring mode from Cluster Advanced Settings
Change mirroring mode from Cluster Advanced Settings

This new feature gives you the flexibility to choose based on your priorities. Read our documentation

#Cluster with Invalid Credentials

We've added a new status indicator for clusters with invalid credentials and will send daily automatic email notifications to the admins. This is to ensure that any configuration issues are promptly addressed.

#Minor but Meaningful Improvements:

  • Various fixes on the status endpoint for more accurate status reporting.
  • Fixed the issue related to deployment stage deletion for a more streamlined deployment process.
  • CLI updates: We've added support for multi-service delete/stop commands and the ability to specify image names for jobs.

We're committed to making Qovery the best platform for your needs. Your feedback is crucial, so please let us know what you think of these updates.

For a closer look at what's currently in the works, feel free to visit our public roadmap.

The Qovery Team 👋