Access to Old Deployment Logs, User Mapper Update, Advanced Settings Addition...

Welcome to the 37th edition of our product changelog! The past two weeks have been bustling with activity at Qovery as we rolled out some significant updates to enhance your experience. Here's a detailed look at what's new:

#Major Improvements

#Access to Old Deployment Logs

Now, users can easily toggle between previous deployment logs using the dropdown menu from the logs view or the "Deployments" tab.

This feature enhances the visibility of past deployments, allowing developers to analyze historical data and troubleshoot effectively, reducing time and effort in tracking changes.

#User Mapper Update

We have transitioned from a fixed IAM user setup to roles. This change applies only to created users, not the main cluster installation user. By introducing this flexibility, we are empowering you to manage access controls more dynamically, thereby enhancing security and simplifying the user management process. You can check out our open source project to provide this feature. You can also take a look at this thread on our forum to understand the motivation.

#Pod Anti-Affinity and Node Affinity

The introduction of pod anti-affinity and node affinity as customization options ensures more refined control over your deployment. It allows you to guide the scheduler on how to place Pods relative to other Pods, matching your specific needs and system requirements. This leads to more efficient resource utilization and increased performance.

Pod Anti-Affinity and Node Affinity configuration from the Service Advanced Settings
Pod Anti-Affinity and Node Affinity configuration from the Service Advanced Settings

#Ports Management Overhaul

Information on health check ports has been added, along with automation to delete or update health checks based on port changes. This improvement provides a more transparent and efficient approach to managing ports, enhancing the system's responsiveness and adaptability to changes in your application.

Service Health Check configuration
Service Health Check configuration

#Deployment Logs Refined

We've made the deployment logs more concise and provided details on old vs. new versions running. This refinement aids in clearer understanding, making it easier to spot differences between versions and facilitating smoother transitions during updates or rollbacks.

#Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

We've resolved various back and front-end issues involving job output, Redis TLS, CI, K3s, log menu performance, aliases, and playground problems. These fixes contribute to a more stable and streamlined experience, letting you focus on what matters most – building and deploying your applications.

Minor Adjustments:

  • Restricting override scope selection to only lower scopes provides more granular control.
  • Automatically setting the organization contact email to the owner's email simplifies communication management.
  • Including the cluster ID in the copy identifiers feature makes identification and referencing more accessible.

Greetings from your lovely Qovery team 👋🏼