Webhook Page, ARM Instances on AWS, Terraform Provider...

Hello everyone! Welcome to this sprint's Changelog. We've got some exciting updates to share with you. You'll be thrilled to know that with the ARM instances, you'll be able to save even more on costs. Plus, we've added the ability to create Webhooks and advanced settings for customizing your Qovery experience even more. So, let's dive right in and explore all the new features of Changelog 31!

#Webhook Page

Big news! Qovery allows you to create webhooks at organization-level so that, when an event happens in an environment within your organization, you can get notified on external applications (for instance, Slack).

Find more about the Webhooks in our documentation.

Webhooks on the V3 console
Webhooks on the V3 console

#ARM Instances on AWS

We talked about it during our last Demo Day, and it’s finally here! By supporting ARM instance types, we aim to provide you with more cost-effective and environmentally friendly options for running your applications. ARM processors are designed to be more power-efficient, which can lead to reduced cloud computing costs, especially for applications that run continuously for long periods of time. Additionally, ARM processors have a smaller carbon footprint compared to x86 processors, making them a more environmentally conscious choice.

In this article, we explain you how to set up those instances and also how to migrate your existing workload!

#Terraform Provider

As said in our last changelog, we are working hard to make our Terraform Provider as good as the interface, and for the ones using it, you should do an update now as we have some new features available:

#Smaller improvements and fixes

#What Did the Engineering Team Do Without You Noticing 🪄

  • Move the AWS authenticator to AWS CLI to support the last versions of k9s and Helm and improve the cluster connexion experience. To see how here is the updated documentation.
  • Create an image mirroring repository for all DockerHub images used by Qovery, avoiding some images being removed unexpectedly, quota limits and causing eventual outages.
  • Add Postgres 14 support for RDS.

Best forum topic of the sprint: