[V3] Logs, Kube 1.22 Upgrade, Faster Cluster Delete...

Hi, fellow Changelog reader; as the year is almost ending, our team is pushing to provide the V3 with the features it needs so you don’t need to switch between versions. We are also continuously improving the product, and during the last two weeks, we even worked on an upgrade, so get ready, everyone; here is Changelog 25! 🏎

#[V3] Logs

Already available on the V2, the Deployment Logs are also available on the V3!

If you need to take a closer look at what is happening while an operation is in progress, the deployment logs are what you need.

Note that deployment and application logs are merged into one interface, so you can navigate between them easily by changing tabs.

Deployment Logs Page
Deployment Logs Page

#Kube 1.22 Upgrade

Each cloud provider has a limited number of supported Kubernetes versions, if you were to use Kubernetes without Qovery, you would have to do the upgrades yourself, but one of the benefits of using Qovery is that we manage it for you!

Now the goal is to pass every cluster to version 1.22, and for that, we have a plan of action that you can find on this dedicated page on our forum.

#Faster Cluster Delete

I won’t start to explain every detail of it because you will probably get bored, but our backend team worked on making the “Delete Cluster” feature faster, so you won’t waste any more precious time. The S3 bucket containing the logs takes a very long time to get deleted by AWS. We have decided to set a TTL on the file stored in the S3 so that they will get automatically removed; you will just have to delete the bucket manually (we provide the name).

#[V3] Deploy Other Version of an Application

Especially useful for testing, you can deploy another version of an application in the V3.

Already existing in the V2, this functionality allows you to choose the commit you want to deploy to test a new feature.

Deploy Other Version Panel
Deploy Other Version Panel

#Smaller Improvements and Fixes

  • Improvements in actions buttons
  • Fix status during deployment