Clone environment, quickstarts, optimization of logs...

Welcome to the 2nd changelog! For the past two weeks, our team was very busy working on the product to improve the user experience and fix bugs reported by our community. We also had the time to implement a pretty cool feature that will probably make your life easier.

#ADDED - Clone environment

With the button "Clone", you can now duplicate an existing environment with one click. This also includes the database and all the secrets variables linked, but because a video speaks more than a thousand words, here is a demo of this new feature.

#ADDED - Quickstart section

With this extra section, you'll learn how to deploy your application with Qovery with several frameworks, this include:

  • Meilisearch
  • Django
  • Spring boot
  • Rust
  • Laravel
  • Rails

You can find all about it here

#CHANGED - Optimisation of logs

Thanks to our front-end team, the logs used to be relatively slow and laggy to display, but it's no longer the case.

#Smaller improvements and fixes

  • FIX - Some logs messages were sent twice to the UI due to CoreV1 sending messages on several NATs
  • FIX - You can now create an app in an environment if you don't have webhooks permission
  • FIX - Url target now forward after login