Improve Terraform integration, Advanced settings, Handle application deployment delay time...

Hi everyone 👋🏻,   and welcome to the Changelog number 15! After a sprint dedicated to bugs and improvements, we are back on a regular sprint where half of the team is committed to building the V3, and the rest is focusing on maintaining and adding essential features to the V2, but without any further due; here is this sprint’s changelog! 🏁

#[Terraform] Improve Terraform integration

If you’re following us, you probably saw the Qovery demo day that we organized last week, where Bilel (Software Engineer at Qovery) explained all the improvements added to the Terraform integration; if you want to take a look at the whole demo day, it’s here. Otherwise, I added the part about Terraform right below, but in a nutshell, the changes were:

  • Add the VPC peering feature to the cluster
  • Use Qovery’s API token
  • Use instance type to create the cluster instead of CPU/ RAM
  • Add build-in environment variables to the application, environment and project
  • Add secrets to the application, environment and project
  • Various bugs and fixes and stability improvement
  • Functional tests

#[API] Advanced settings

Qovery already allows you to customize quite a lot of parameters in your application (RAM, storage, Networks…); for most of our clients, it’s more than enough to have their applications up and running the way they want, but we are aware that some specific industry or more prominent companies might require more, that’s why we created the advanced settings: a section that you can find in the API only for now.
Nb: the section will grow within the next sprints.

#[API] Handle application deployment delay time (via Advanced settings)

The first functionality of this brand new advanced settings panel, if you want to define a "delay time" (in seconds) for your application to start receiving traffic only after that specified amount of time, it’s now possible. Now, you might ask: why would I want that? This is necessary to handle applications taking a long time to boot (using JVM etc..). Until now, we were waiting for the app to be deployed without checking if the application could receive traffic, and this could cause an impact on the first rollout and application updates. Still, this time is now over cause this new feature got you covered.
As part of the advanced settings, this is only available in the API for now.

#Smaller improvements and fixes

  • Can't close dialogue when installing a cluster
  • Manage node disk size in the cluster setup
  • Missing "mode" in settings for preview environment
  • Error when selecting projects
  • Missing truncate text for Scope column