Cancel an environment building, Optimize Monorepo builds/deployments...

And it’s a clap 🎬; welcome to the 12th Changelog and the end of the first quarter!
Our teams worked hard to ship many cool features during the past months, and we finished on a high note with some highly expected newbies on our Qovery console 🤩

#Cancel an environment building

Efficient and straightforward feature here that was highly expected! If you have a building in progress or a building queued (service or environment) and don’t want to deploy it anymore, you can now cancel it, so you don’t lose time and resources.

Cancel an environment building panel
Cancel an environment building panel

#Optimize Monorepository builds/deployments

If you are using the mono repository, you might have realized that it redeploy all apps from your monoreporepository each time you push a commit, and it’s time and cost consuming. If you’d like to configure what to deploy (e.g. based on what files were affected), it is now possible with this new optimization in the API called “Application Deployment Restriction”.
Here is a link to our documentation if you want to know more about it and see how you can use this “Application deployment restriction”.

#New onboarding flow

If you are not a Qovery user yet, this one is for you! We had a first onboarding system that wasn’t optimal, then a Typeform that did the job but that didn’t fit with the product, and it was time to have our onboarding flow that represents the product and gives you a little taste of the V3 that we are currently building on the side.

Part of the new onboarding flow
Part of the new onboarding flow

#Smaller improvements and fixes

  • FIXED - Last commit message of the repository is displayed instead of the current message