Sticky session parameter for applications...

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Welcome to the 8th changelog! Our team is continuing to grow and we now have a new member in the core team, which should allow us to build even more features! While during the last two weeks, we shipped one highly expected feature, our frontend team was mainly focused on a larger scale project, could it be a V3 already? 😎

ADDED - Sticky session parameter for applications

Highly requested by some of our users, when the sticky session (also called “persistent session”) is activated, you will be redirected by the load balancer to the same instance each time you access the application.

Sticky session - you can find it Application > Settings > Network
Sticky session - you can find it Application > Settings > Network

Smaller improvements and fixes

  • CHANGED - Some actions logos seem bigger on actions menus
  • CHANGED - Change stop logo on application actions
  • CHANGED - Change wording of toast service restart for update settings