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Albane started as a Product Owner at Qovery and moved to a Product Marketing Manager position, so you can say she is all about the Product.

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Welcome to the 4th Changelog! Time is ticking before the end of the year and our team is working extra hard to deliver some highly expected features so fasten your seatbelts and get ready to discover what we've been doing for the past two weeks. 🚀

ADDED - Rollback

Did you introduce a bug or do you simply want to showcase a previous version of your application to your team? We got you covered with this brand new "rollback" feature. It will allow you to pick a previous stable version of your choice and replace the currently deployed version.

Rollback Feature
Rollback Feature

ADDED - Preview environment

Have you ever wanted to test the changes in one of your teammate's pull requests? Validating this new feature that is about to be released? Or this urgent fix that you must apply before leaving the office?

Preview Environment is the answer. A preview environment is an ephemeral environment associated with the life cycle of a pull request. Preview environments make it super simple to validate the changes in a pull request by anyone in your team - your Product Manager will love it! These changes are tested in isolation before merging the branch to the original one without polluting other integration environments.

Too good to be true? Here is a live demo to show you the magic 🤩

ADDED - Stop a cluster

This feature is particularly useful for cost-saving. If you are in a test environment and you don't need your cluster to be running on weekends or while you sleep, you can simply pause it for a while and start it again when you need it.

Stop a cluster feature
Stop a cluster feature

CHANGED - Cluster status

Our cluster status used to be a little bit confusing and as we're trying to make your experience as smooth as possible, three of our teams (the design team, the frontend team and the product team) brainstormed together to find a way to make it as readable as possible and after gathering all of the ideas that we had, we came up with what you can now see on your organisation settings page.

Cluster status
Cluster status

ADDED - Environment general settings

You can now manage the parameters of your environment in this brand new environment setting panel so you won't be stuck with a typo on your environment name for example.

Environment general settings
Environment general settings

ADDED - Environment deployment rules on environment settings panel

Auto deploy allows you to override the default settings applied by the project rule related to if your applications should be by default automatically updated after receiving new commits.
The start and stop section allow you to override the default settings applied by the project rule to precisely set up when the environment should be deployed and cleaned up.

Deployment rule feature
Deployment rule feature

Smaller improvements and fixes

  • FIX - Improve error message for credit code toaster
  • FIX - Delete app moved to the danger zone
  • FIX - Allow element to be open in a new tab
  • FIX - Correct jumpy progress bar in toasters