Clone environment, quickstarts, optimization of logs...

Welcome to our first ever Qovery changelog! From now on, we'll be publishing every two weeks all the updates, improvements, and bug fixes made to Qovery. Don't forget to join our community on Discord to know the exact release date of those features.

#ADDED - "Edit code" button for applications

You can now edit your code in the blink of an eye with this new addition.

Head to your application → action dropdown → "edit code" → you will be redirected to Gitpod, where you can then change the desired part of your code and push it, this action will redeploy your application on Qovery with the correct modifications.

edit code feature
edit code feature

#CHANGED - A brand new 404 page

Say goodbye to the good old boring default 404 and hello to our new error page.

404 page
404 page

#CHANGED - Remove the limit number of fetched git repositories

We used to fetch a maximum of 500 git repositories, but some of you are working hard and have a lot more, so we decided to remove this limit to ensure that you can deploy any repositories from your git account.

#CHANGED - More meaningful messages when the deployment fail

Until now, the message shown when a deployment failed was "Application could not be deployed" as this message is not relevant enough, we are now using the error response from the backend to give you a more precise explanation.

#Smaller improvements and fixes

  • CHANGED - Prompt user to redeploy his app after settings change
  • FIX - Enable navigation to the environment from the logs screen
  • FIX - Branch selector / disable the field until a repository is selected
  • FIX - We corrected the issue on the queue that caused deployment to be stuck
  • FIX - Review cluster status colors