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State of the Art Continuous Deployment Platform

For pragmatic companies

inspired by the best tech companies
out of the box

The deployment platform you would build for your company

Don't waste time to build it, it's available now for you
instant usage

Live in days, not months

Building and integrating a Continuous Deployment (CD) platform usually takes months for an experienced team of DevOps. Qovery provides a turnkey platform that integrates seamlessly into your work environment in just a few days.


Designed to maximize the developer productivity

Qovery embraces the Feature Branching concepts. Meaning, each developer that work on a feature will automatically have his own isolated environment with all the required services.


From staging to production with confidence

Environments ensure consistent and reproducible behavior of a complete set of applications. From staging to production there is only one (git) merge.

data cloning

Cloning data from one environment to another

Qovery relies on the container technology, managed databases and disk snapshot to copy all the data in an automated and very secure way. We don't reinvent the wheel - we make it fully and easily accessible to anyone.


Smart cost optimization

Qovery allows you to automatically switch off/on your development environments in order to save up to 60% on your Cloud bill. Our technology combines several techniques such as "switch on/off scheduling" and "adaptive resources" based on your usage.

developer first

No vendor lock-in

Qovery extends your infrastructure and integrates well with your existing applications

Run on AWS, GCP and Azure

Qovery relies on the best services (Databases, VPC, Security..) provided by your desired Cloud provider.

On top of Kubernetes

Qovery technology relies on Kubernetes (without modifying it) to provide its services to you.

Connected to your own CI

Qovery integrates seamlessly into your work environment and connects to your CI - (CircleCI, Jenkins, Gitlab..)

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