Why DevOps Engineers Love and Recommend Qovery

My team and I built Qovery to empower DevOps engineers and Developers to better work together - without compromises. In 2022, DevOps engineers need to build reliable infrastructure on top of the best cloud service providers (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP), dealing with security concerns, productivity, reliability, and many services. DevOps engineers are responsible for a lot of things in an organization. From CI/CD, to the run of the apps in production and the backup of databases. Needless to say, they need to help Developers ship features, improvements and fix bugs as fast as possible. DevOps in 2022 is not an easy job. They need to master so many things in a short period that any product that can help them in their day-to-day work is appreciated. That's why Qovery exists! In this article, I will share feedback from DevOps engineers using Qovery and why they love and recommend using it! Let's go 👇

Romaric Philogène

Romaric Philogène

July 14, 2022 · 4 min read
Why DevOps Engineers Love and Recommend Qovery - Qovery

#The fastest way to deploy apps on AWS

It literally takes 30 minutes to get an EKS with the appropriate VPC, ACLs, Subnet, ECR... all set up to deploy your apps on any AWS regions. Qovery takes care of setting up everything for you. While you can still fine-tune every detail.

I'd recommend Qovery to anyone who wants a solid CD product for improving Dev Experience - Travis, Co-Founder of DevDocs

Check out this guide to know more on how to set up Qovery on AWS.

#Use Terraform

Qovery provides 4 interfaces. The Web Console, the CLI, the API and Terraform. Everything that you can do via the web console is doable via Terraform. And obviously, the Qovery Terraform provider is open-source and extensible.

Deploying a complete EKS cluster with an application, load balancer, and attaching a Cloudflare domain looks like this via our Terraform provider.

// ...
# create and deploy app with custom domain
resource "qovery_application" "backend" {
  environment_id = qovery_environment.production.id
  name           = "backend"
  cpu            = 500
  memory         = 256
  state          = "RUNNING"
  git_repository = {
    url       = "https://github.com/evoxmusic/ShortMe-URL-Shortener.git"
    branch    = "main"
    root_path = "/"
  build_mode            = "DOCKER"
  dockerfile_path       = "Dockerfile"
  min_running_instances = 1
  max_running_instances = 1
  custom_domains        = [
      domain = var.qovery_custom_domain
  ports = [
      internal_port       = 5555
      external_port       = 443
      protocol            = "HTTP"
      publicly_accessible = true
  environment_variables = [
      key   = "DEBUG"
      value = "false"

  depends_on = [

# create custom domain record
resource "cloudflare_record" "foobar" {
  zone_id = var.cloudflare_zone_id
  name    = var.cloudflare_record_name
  value   = one(qovery_application.backend.custom_domains[*].validation_domain)
  type    = "CNAME"
  ttl     = 3600

Check out the complete example here. More examples are available here.

#Secured by design

Qovery is open-source and we do explain how it works. In a nutshell:

  1. Qovery runs on YOUR cloud account
  2. All the data stays on YOUR cloud account

Qovery helped us in a critical shift for our growing engineering team and allowed us to cut our compliance journey by weeks if not months! - Kevin Maschtaler, Platform & Reliability Lead at Tint

How Qovery Works -
How Qovery Works -

If you want to deeper understand how Qovery works - check out this live video and our documentation.

#Clone any environments in one click

You might need to clone an environment like the production for many reasons. Do you need to validate a breaking change before doing it live? Or, do you simply want to reproduce a bug without impacting your prod? Or, does your product team need to have a Q&A environment? We got you back. You can clone an existing environment in one click. One feature loved by all our DevOps and Developers.

Check out the clone demo below 👇 - Wahou effect guaranteed 😎

I do also recommend reading this article on our Preview Environment feature.

#Keep control without the pain

Do you need to install anything that is not supported by Qovery out of the box? No problem! You have full access to your Kubernetes cluster and you can install whatever you want. That's why DevOps choose Qovery! They keep control without the pain of maintaining those clusters over time. Qovery runs the clusters upgrade and keeps them always up to date.

Qovery takes away all the pain from managing and maintaining clustered applications on AWS while keeping full control! - Florian Suchan, Co-founder & CTO of Papershift

Qovery also generates all the Terraform and Helm files when bootstrapping and maintaining your infrastructure and push them all in an S3 bucket on your AWS account. We strive for transparency!

#Extensible - there is no limit

Take a look at this crazy article - showing the top 10 AWS Architecture built with Qovery. The only limit is your imagination. Qovery provides you the root that you need to get started deploying your apps with a production-ready infrastructure.

One of the top 10 AWS architecture built with Qovery
One of the top 10 AWS architecture built with Qovery

Qovery can be integrated into your CI, WAF, GIT... Anything that you need. Check out our integrations.

#Built on top of Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the standard defacto orchestrator to run containers. Qovery runs on any vanilla Kubernetes and does not modify the way it works. It improves and enhances its capabilities. You can check out the code on how Qovery Engine works on Kubernetes.

#Outstanding experience for your Developers

One video is worth thousands of words. Thousands of developers use Qovery with zero infrastructure knowledge every single day. Our motto is "Built by DevOps, Loved by Developers". That's it! 🙂

#Open-source with an outstanding community

Qovery would not exist without the brilliant community behind products like Kubernetes, Docker, NGINX and so many. That's why 80% of Qovery is open-source since day one. Check out our GitHub and find all the projects that we open sources.

The most notable are the following ones:


Qovery is the result of dozens of years of experience in infrastructure management from the team behind it. Thousands of DevOps and Developers from hundreds of companies trust Qovery today. If you are looking for a production-ready platform that you can integrate into your environment contact us or give it a try yourself. Happy to have your feedback.

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Qovery is an Internal Developer Platform Helping 50.000+ Developers and Platform Engineers To Ship Faster.

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Your Favorite Internal Developer Platform

Qovery is an Internal Developer Platform Helping 50.000+ Developers and Platform Engineers To Ship Faster.

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