Qovery raises $4m to build the future of the Cloud

I am thrilled to announce that we have raised a $4M seed round with top-notch investors. Join us in building the future of the Cloud - we are hiring!
Romaric Philogène

Romaric Philogène

September 28, 2021 · 4 min read
Qovery raises $4m to build the future of the Cloud - Qovery

The round is led by Crane and joined by Speedinvest, with participation from Techstars and angels including Alexis Le-Quoc (CTO and co-founder at Datadog) and Ott Kaukver (CTO at Checkout, ex CTO at Twilio).

Qovery has attracted more than 10,000 developers in more than 120 countries since it launched after taking part in Techstars’ 2019 accelerator program in Paris. Last year the startup announced it had raised $1m from Techstars and a number of angels.

Qovery’s product simplifies the process of getting apps into production by taking code from Github or GitLab and directly deploying it to AWS, Digital Ocean, or Scaleway cloud account instantly. Developers just put their new code and updates into a repo… and that’s it - with no other effort, their app is live. The alternative is a time-consuming, complicated process involving manually setting up multiple resources and requires deep cloud expertise to get right.

“We’re obsessed with making developers super-productive, letting them focus on what they love: writing code, not managing infrastructure” says Qovery CEO and co-founder Romaric Philogène.

Qovery is the simplest way to deploy your apps on AWS (and other CSPs..)
Qovery is the simplest way to deploy your apps on AWS (and other CSPs..)

The new $4m funding will be used to expand Qovery’s engineering team and build sales and marketing teams as it works to build the future of the cloud. The company also plans to introduce support for Google Cloud Platform before the end of this year.

“‘Push your code, Qovery handles the rest.’ It’s an amazing thing to be able to tell a developer that all they need to do is push their code to Github and moments later it’s live as a running app on AWS. We’re very proud to be supporting Qovery in creating a service that actually makes the life of developers easier every day!” Krishna Visvanathan, Crane Venture Partners.

“When deploying in cloud environments, it's easy to spend a lot of time dealing with the details of managing the various cloud services involved. Qovery takes care of these details, saves you time and lets you focus on what makes the difference: your applications” says Qovery user Alexis Lê-Quôc, CTO and co-founder at Datadog.

Qovery team retreat - July 2021
Qovery team retreat - July 2021

“When building a product on top of a PaaS, developers can bring their products to market faster, but they compromise on flexibility and often outgrow those platforms at some point. With Qovery developers keep full access to the power and flexibility of building on top of IaaS, can deploy into their own cloud infra accounts and all of that is as easy as working with a PaaS platform. We are excited to back Romaric, Pierre, and his team together with Crane on their mission to make developers super-productive.” Dominik Tobschall, Speedinvest.

Building the future of the cloud would not be possible without a fantastic team, passionate ambassadors, and supportive investors. Warm thanks to the Qovery founding team:

  • Pierre Mavro
  • Morgan Perry
  • Patryk Jeziorowski
  • Benjamin Debon
  • Gaultier Romon
  • Romain Gerard
  • Yael Fazy
  • Enzo Radnai
  • Benjamin Chastanier
  • Remi Bonnet
  • Arnaud Jeannin
  • Albane Tonnellier
  • Benjamin Zerbib

#Warm thanks to our ambassadors:

  • Aggis
  • Kartik
  • Stun3r

#Warm thanks to our investors:

  • Krishna Visvanathan - Partner at Crane
  • Dominik Tobschall - Principal at Speedinvest
  • Morgane Zerath - Associate at Crane
  • Yang Tran - Associate at Speedinvest
  • Aneel Lakhani - Venture Partner at Crane
  • Amirhossein Malekzadeh - CEO at Logmatic (acq. by Datadog)
  • Alexis Lê-Quôc - CTO at Datadog
  • Jonathan Cherki - CEO at Contentsquare
  • Ott Kaukver - CTO at Checkout
  • Sebastien Pahl - Co-founder at Docker
  • Jonathan Benhamou - CEO at People Doc
  • Clement Buyse - Co-founder at People Doc
  • Marie Outtier - Co-founder at Aiden
  • Matthieu Vaxelaire - CEO at Mention
  • Jean-Baptiste Aviat - CTO at Sqreen
  • Jeremy Thomas - CEO at Gitguardian
  • Christophe Chausson - CEO at Chausson Finance
  • Valentine Baudouin - Partner at Founders Future
  • Julien Quintard - CEO at Routine
  • Cyril Chemla - CEO at ProcessOut
  • Gregoire Delpit - Head of strategy at Checkout
  • Antoine Nougue - Head of Commercial at Checkout
  • Maxime Renault - CEO at Monbanquet
  • Mario Matar - CTO at Monbanquet
  • Nagib Beydoun - CEO at Yeeld
  • Georges Gomes - CEO at DevRiots
  • Antoine Ayoub - Investor at 50Partners
  • Liam Boogar-Azoulay - VP Marketing at Scaleway
  • Techstars

Check out our team and investors page.

#About Qovery

Qovery is a platform helping developers to deploy their applications in the cloud in just a few seconds. Based in Paris, France, the company was founded in 2019 by Romaric Philogene : (CEO and co-founder), Pierre Mavro (CTO and co-founder), Morgan Perry (CRO and co-founder).

#About Crane

Crane builds data, enterprise, and deep technology companies alongside Europe’s most ambitious founders. Based in London, the Crane team combines extensive venture investing and operating experience.  Crane’s portfolio includes 7BridgesAxiomFoundriesHarbrOnfidoShipamaxTessian, and Virtuoso. Learn more at crane.vc.

#About Speedinvest

Speedinvest is a leading early-stage venture capital firm with €450M AuM and 40 investors based in Berlin, London, Munich, Paris, Vienna, and San Francisco. Our dedicated sector-focused teams are the first to fund Europe's most innovative technology startups and our in-house operational experts are on-hand to offer founders ongoing support with growth, HR, US market expansion, and more. WefoxBitpandaTIER MobilityGoStudentCurveCoachHubSchüttflixTourRadarAdverity, and Twaice are among our portfolio of 200+ companies.

Learn more at www.speedinvest.com.

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Qovery is an Internal Developer Platform Helping 50.000+ Developers and Platform Engineers To Ship Faster.

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