Joining a tech community?! Check out how Qovery community is rocking it!

Tech communities are an amazing environment to grow as a professional, to network with others and to learn about new technologies and applications. At Qovery, we put a strong emphasis in our community! Gathering with people who are starting to learn about cloud technologies, as well as who are seniors already or others who are switching careers.
Patryk Jeziorowski

Patryk Jeziorowski

August 3, 2021 · 2 min read
Joining a tech community?! Check out how Qovery community is rocking it!  - Qovery
Written byPatryk Jeziorowski

Patryk Jeziorowski

Patryk is an experienced Software Engineer and a Backend Developer at Qovery.

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Learning new technologies and their applications in today’s world is not always easy. That’s why at Qovery, we are developing a different approach towards the tech community. Join this adventure in all the different ways; we are reaching the tech community!

Community Calls

Once a month, the Qovery team holds a group call! Talking about:

  • What we did this month
  • What we are going for the next month
  • Presenting some demos
  • Live Q&A 

This is an important space since we listen from first instance the needs of developers and their dreams for an amazing tech tool that will help them deploy better and faster.


Got questions? Found bugs? Getting started?

This is the place where your voice is heard, and your suggestions are more than welcome! 

Qovery Forum has different categories: General, News, Questions and Answers, Feedback, Bugs, Beta v2.

Ask your questions, find answers, reply and support others in their path! We are learning and growing together.


Want to interact more with other devs and the Qovery team?

Join us in our Discord space! Get 1:1 conversations; also find support for your starting projects! 


Building together is important! In this “Roadmap” space, you have the opportunity to submit an idea for the product we are building at Qovery!

Got an idea? Just click “Submit an idea”, then a new card will show up at the Under Consideration section!

You can also vote for other ideas, 

Also, check the other sections: PLANNED, IN PROGRESS, LAUNCHED.

Join all our adventures in building the best way to make deployment easy!


Blogging! Of course! Tech life lessons, best tips on tech performance, how Qovery works, and more! Blogs are written not only by our team but also by our Ambassadors and other people from the tech community! 

Want to contribute? Check out more here.

One of my favorite first blogs is this one - The Qovery inside story at Techstars

Learning how to create and build a great product 🙌


So many others to mention about the community: Guides, Tutorials, Goodies, Engineering, GitHub!  Are you already joining us? What are you trying first? 

Also, we are thrilled to announce that we have an “Ambassadors program”. More details in another blog!

Join us!

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