Free Preview Environments For Open-Source Projects

We at Qovery are excited to offer our Preview Environments for free to all open-source projects. A Preview Environment is like a sandbox where developers can see how changes to the code will work before these changes are final. This is great for projects where many parts, like the backend, frontend, and databases, must talk to each other.

Romaric Philogène

Romaric Philogène

October 1, 2023 · 5 min read
Free Preview Environments For Open-Source Projects - Qovery

#Preview Environment

Skip this section if you are already familiar with the benefits of Qovery Preview Environments

A Preview Environment (or Ephemeral Environment) is a dedicated, isolated environment automatically created for each Pull Request (PR) in a project. It acts as a replica of the production environment, enabling developers to run tests, identify bugs, and validate changes securely before they are merged into the main codebase.

#The Benefits of Preview Environments for Open-Source projects

One of the most challenging tasks for open-source maintainers is the validation of Pull Requests. The process can be laden with uncertainties, especially when dealing with changes that could potentially introduce bugs or disrupt existing workflows. Qovery's Preview Environments aim to alleviate this pain point by providing a dedicated environment for every PR. This allows maintainers and contributors to collaboratively scrutinize, test, and validate the changes in real-time, ensuring that only thoroughly vetted and robust code gets merged.

This initiative accelerates release cycles, fosters a culture of shared responsibility and quality assurance among the open-source community. Every contributor, whether a seasoned developer or a newcomer, gains a tangible means to visualize the impact of their contributions, making the collaborative endeavor more engaging and fruitful.

#When are Preview Environments Useful?

  1. Multi-Service Projects: Projects with multiple interconnected services such as backend, frontend, and databases greatly benefit from Preview Environments. They provide a consolidated view of how these services interact with each other with the proposed changes.
  2. Visual Validation: When making modifications to the web interface of an application, visual validation is crucial to ensure that the changes align with the desired user experience. Preview Environments provide a platform to validate how the updated interface looks and behaves before it's merged into the main branch.
  3. End-to-End (E2E) Tests: E2E tests are critical for verifying the overall behavior of an application. Preview Environments provide an ideal setting for conducting these tests in an isolated yet realistic environment, as explained in our article on building E2E testing with ephemeral environments.

#When are Preview Environments Less Useful?

  1. Library Projects: For open-source projects that are primarily libraries, the need for a Preview Environment may be minimal. Libraries are often easier to test locally or through automated unit and integration tests without requiring a separate environment.
  2. Single Application Projects: If your project consists of a single application that is easy to test in a local environment, a Preview Environment may not add significant value. The simplicity of running and testing the application locally may negate the need for a separate Preview Environment.

Preview Environments are designed to reduce the friction in the development process, facilitating a smoother transition from code development to production deployment. However, the value they provide can vary depending on the nature and complexity of the project at hand.

#How To Get Started?

Sign up and tell us via the chat system that you want to use Qovery for an Open-Source project. We'll grant you full access to Qovery for free 😎


By offering Preview Environments for free to all open-source projects, Qovery is not just contributing to a more vibrant and innovative open-source community but also reiterating our commitment to nurturing a culture of collaboration and excellence in the realm of software development.


#Frequently Asked Questions

#Who is using Qovery Preview Environments?

Qovery Preview Environments have already found their place in the daily workflows of numerous organizations and engineering teams. Esteemed companies like Reforge, RxVantage, Deuna, Hyperline, and Hublo, among others, are leveraging the power of Preview Environments, alongside thousands of engineers who use it every day. These Preview Environments facilitate a seamless, collaborative, and efficient workflow, empowering teams to deliver high-quality software.

#What is the cost of Qovery Preview Environments for open-source projects?

We are committed to supporting the open-source community. Hence, Qovery Preview Environments are offered at no cost for open-source projects. To be eligible for this offer, your project should be under one of the following licenses: MIT, GPL, Apache 2.0, BSD, CC, MPL-2.0, LGPL, EPL, AGPL. Additionally, your repository must be publicly accessible, aligning with the open-source ethos of transparency and collaboration.

#What's the counterpart?

There is no counterpart to using Qovery Preview Environments for your open-source projects. We aim to contribute to the open-source ecosystem genuinely. However, a small gesture of gratitude would be to acknowledge Qovery's support at the end of your project’s README file. While this is not a requirement, it's a nice way to say thank you and to let others in the community know about the resources available to them through Qovery.

#What's the requirement?

To utilize Qovery Preview Environments, you simply need a cloud account as Qovery operates on your cloud account. For a smooth setup, you may follow our Getting Started guide which provides step-by-step instructions.

#Can I see what looks like Qovery Preview Environments?

You can check out this recorded video we made for Novu.

You can also contact us via the chat (bottom right), and we will give you access to a demo account.

#Do you provide some help to set up Qovery?

Absolutely! If you need assistance with setting up Qovery Preview Environments, feel free to reach out to us via our forum at We are more than happy to help configure Qovery Preview Environments for you, although you'll find that the setup is quite straightforward and you can easily do it by yourself. Our community and team are always on hand to provide support and ensure you have a seamless experience with Qovery.

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