Migrate from Heroku to AWS seamlessly with Qovery

Migrate from Heroku to AWS seamlessly with Qovery

Cheaper and more flexible than Heroku, Qovery is purpose-built for high growth startups and mature organizations.

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More than a fraction of the cost

Teams have cut their hosting spend up to 10x after migrating on AWS with Qovery.

Moises CTO at Signot feedback

If it runs on Heroku, it runs on AWS with Qovery

Deploy in seconds to your own cloud from a Git repo using Heroku buildpackls or a Dockerfile.

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See why teams are switching to Qovery

All the features developers need to scale, available on your AWS account in seconds

Github and Gitlab auto-deploy
Buildpacks and Docker support
Deployment rollbacks
Built-in metrics
Preview environment
Deploy on your Cloud account
Custom database
Persistent storage
Performance dynos only
Private VPC
Heroku Enterprise only
Static IP
Heroku Enterprise only

Zero-effort migration

Do not waste your internal bandwidth. Migrate to AWS in minutes or book a consultation to have one of our expert migrate your applications for you.


Connect your AWS account

Qovery provisions a cluster to your connected AWS account in 30 minutes.

Create cluster AWS with Qovery

Select your Git repo and database

Automated builds and deployment for your containerized applications.


Run your containerized applications and scale them.


Qovery supports AWS RDS and other managed services.


Your app is deployed on your AWS account

You are ready to get the reliability of AWS with the power of Qovery

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You are in good company

Join other fast-growing companies in moving from Heroku to AWS with Qovery

"The Qovery service is a tour de force: it is both ultra-simple & flexible. The alternatives fall short on this tradeoff. With Qovery, my team is focused on the product and not on the grunt work."

Thierry Abaléa profile pecture

Thierry Abaléa

Engineering Manager at Aircall

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"What I really like about Qovery is that it uses AWS under the hood. I do not know AWS very well at the moment - but having this all taken care of, is great and I know that it’s scalable"

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Freelance full-stack developer

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"Qovery has reconciled me with using the cloud as a developer, and application deployment in general. Having a development, staging and production environments without any effort is just incredible!"

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Romain Boisselle

Co-founder at Kodein Koders

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"I've been playing around with Qovery over the last week as a IaaS/PaaS platform using docker as deployment model and a neat way to define your services belonging to an Environment."

Alexander Reelsen - Developer Relations at Elastic

Alexander Reelsen

Developer Relations at Elastic

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Free consultation

We help you outline a complete migration plan.



We help you to set-up your entire stack on AWS with Qovery.



Redirect your production traffic to AWS only after testing it out.

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Pressed on bandwidth? One of our cloud consulting partners will handle all the migration for you.