How Qovery Community plan works

Since we launched Qovery in January 2020, we offered free hosting ("Community" plan) for every developer. Providing free hosting was the perfect way to get product feedback and iterate with our users without the cost constraint. As our hosting infrastructure costs have drastically grown within the last 18 months, we had to reinvent our free offer. In a nutshell, we will continue to offer free hosting to involved community members only. Keep reading to know more 👇

Romaric Philogène

Romaric Philogène

November 29, 2021 · 5 min read
How Qovery Community plan works - Qovery
Written byRomaric Philogène

Romaric Philogène

CEO and co-founder of Qovery. Romaric has 10+ years of experience in R&D. From the Ad-Tech to the financial industry, he has deep expertise in highly-reliable and performant systems.

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Qovery is the simplest way to deploy your apps on AWS. Qovery also provides free hosting ("Community" plan) for active Community members. In this article, we'll talk only about our "Community" plan. Refer to our pricing page to deploy on your AWS account.

What is the Community Plan?

The "Community" plan is a special plan to provide free hosting to our eligible community members (cf below). As a Qovery community member, you can create an organization and choose a "Community" plan. Then you will be able to deploy and host your applications for free.

Resources provided to our Community members
Resources provided to our Community members

Hosting for your apps is offered unless you stop being involved in the Qovery community.

Why become a Qovery community member?

Being a Qovery community member gives you access to free hosting with our Community plan. It is the best way to get started using Qovery and host your applications for free as an individual developer. Here is a list of the benefits:

  • ✅ Free hosting (no AWS account required)
  • ✅ Access outstanding Qovery features (e.g.: git auto-redeploy, custom domain, and TLS...)
  • ✅ Early access to our features (we expect to have your feedback)
  • ✅ Community support
  • ✅ And the most important: The Qovery swags 🙂

Who is eligible for the Community plan?

To become a "Qovery community member" and get access to the "Community" plan, you need to qualify the following:

  • Be a professional developer OR professional SRE/DevOps OR a computer science student OR an active open-source contributor.
  • Having an innovative project to host (e.g.: no Discord bots).
  • Share your motivation for being part of the Qovery community.

👉 If you are looking for a hosting platform without being involved in the Qovery community, please consider using Heroku. Qovery provides a community plan for active community members only. It is a special offer where we don't make money here. We only want involved people in our community.

What is the process to become a Qovery community member?

Here is the complete process to become a Qovery community member:

  1. Complete our Qovery community member form request.
  2. You will receive a response from us for up to 2 weeks.
  3. We will schedule an introduction call of 15 minutes to understand better your motivation in using Qovery.
  4. You will know if you have been accepted as a Qovery community member.
  5. You get onboarded by one of our team or community members.

The overall process takes up to 3 weeks.

How to get free credits

As a new Qovery community member, you receive $45 credits. Once you run out of credits, you have many opportunities to refill them by:

The more you contribute, the better it is for the community; the more you get free credits, the longer you can host your applications for free. We believe that is a fair way to encourage the community to be involved and retribute in return for their implication. 

Important notes:

  • You must use your credits within the next 12 months when received.
  • When you run out of credits, you need to refill it within 48 hours by giving feedback, inviting people, writing articles... Otherwise, Qovery will shut your application down, and Qovery will delete your data. There is no such limit on the FREE, PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS, and ENTERPRISE plans.

Learn more about rewards.


Do I need to have an AWS account to use Qovery Community?

The "Community" plan does not require an AWS account to be used. Consider using our paid plans to deploy on your AWS account.

Can I pay to get more credits on my Community plan?

No, you can't pay to get more credits on your Community plan.

Why don't you allow users to pay their credits?

Qovery IS NOT a hosting platform and will never be. We offer free hosting because it is our way to reward our community members for their implications in our community.

What happens if I no longer have credits for my Community plan?

We notify you to give back to the community to get more credits. If you have not taken any action within:

  1. 48 hours, Qovery will shut down your applications.
  2. 7 days, Qovery will permanently delete your applications

What happens if I am no longer an active community member?

We will warn you, then if no actions are taken, Qovery will stop your apps and your data deleted.

How long do I have to use my free credits?

You have 12 months to use your earned credits.

Should I use the Community plan for my next side project?

Yes, but if and only if you want to be involved in the Qovery community. For instance, writing an article on Qovery can let you host your full-stack app (frontend, backend, database) for free for up to 3 months. By writing 4 articles per year, you get 100% free hosting for your full-stack app.

Can I switch from a Community plan to a Free, Professional, Business, or Enterprise plan?

Yes, and we will be happy to assist you.

Wrapping up

At Qovery, we believe in predictable and transparent pricing for our customers. And we also believe in giving access to free hosting to developers who contribute to building a better tech ecosystem.

Join us on Discord and our forum.

Request to get access to the Qovery Community plan here