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The Simplest Way To Deploy Your Apps on AWS and Kubernetes

All the features developers need to scale, available on your AWS account in minutes instead of months

Qovery console

Trusted by 25000+ developers and growing companies around the world

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Empower your tech stack

What does Qovery do?

1. Build


Qovery builds your apps and integrates to your CI. Developers are autonomous to make their applications running before releasing

2. Deploy


With Qovery, developers can deploy their applications in dev, staging, and production environments. Every push is deployed

3. Run


DevOps get a production-ready platform in 30 minutes on AWS, which lets them manage and control their infrastructure

4. Scale


The Qovery Engine operates and runs on top of Kubernetes in your cloud account. It is open-source and ready to be fine-tuned as your need grow

Deploy your apps in 3 steps

How does Qovery work?


1. Connect your AWS account

Setup your AWS account on Qovery to start to deploy your apps. Qovery bootstrap the required infrastructure in 15 minutes.


2. Connect your Git repository

Select your Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket repository.


3. Your app is deployed in 1 minute

Your application is up and running instantly.

1. Connect your AWS account

Create your cluster on AWS with Qovery

2. Connect your Git repository

Connect your Github or Gitlab repo to deploy your app

3. Your app is deployed in 1 minute

Your app is up and running on your AWS account with Qovery

Beyond application deployment for

Pick your git repository and deploy your application in a few clicks. Associate your Domain, TLS, Storage... easily.

Application summary dashboard with Actions contextual buttons

Qovery uses Managed databases for production databases and containers for developement databases. PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL and Redis are supported.

Do you get a spike of users? No problem. Qovery auto-scales your applications based on their CPU and RAM usage.

Set CPU, memory and auto-scaling for your appliction

Qovery supports microservices from day 1. Connect your applications and let them communicate securely. Monorepo is supported.

View of an environment with 2 backend applications and one postgresql database

Clone any environment in one click to make product demo, test a migration, or test a new feature with confidence.

clone an environment in one click

Get a preview environment for each Pull Request (PR) on Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket. Once you merge your PR, your preview environment disappears. Monorepository and micro-services are supported.

Manage preview environments for each applications

Basic CPU and memory metrics are provided for every applications. Do you need more? Plug your Datadog account.

Monitoring application view

From application deployment and run, you can quickly troubleshoot what is going on and securely access instant information.

Do you need to run a migration script? Connect to your application via our secured web console and run your commands.

Connect to your application instance via the Qovery web console

Invite your teammates for better collaboration.

Manage the members from your organizations and control their access

Connect your favorite tools to take advantage of the full power of Qovery.

Qovery provides addons integrations
Blazingly fast

The benefits of using Qovery

  • No infrastructure knowledge is needed
  • Delay your DevOps hiring
  • Scale with your team
  • Integrate with your tools
  • Visibility and control on your AWS cost
  • Cloud cost optimization/reduction
  • Preview Environments
  • Support & High quality documentation
  • Strong community
  • Production ready in 15 minutes
Use cases

25000+ Developers From Great
Companies Trust Us

"I've been playing around with Qovery over the last week as a IaaS/PaaS platform using docker as deployment model and a neat way to define your services belonging to an Environment."

Alexander Reelsen - Developer Relations at Elastic

Alexander Reelsen

Developer Relations at Elastic

Elastic company logo

"The Qovery service is a tour de force: it is both ultra-simple & flexible. The alternatives fall short on this tradeoff. With Qovery, my team is focused on the product and not on the grunt work."

Thierry Abaléa profile pecture

Thierry Abaléa

Engineering Manager at Aircall

Aircall company logo in white

"Qovery has reconciled me with using the cloud as a developer, and application deployment in general. Having a development, staging and production environments without any effort is just incredible!"

Romain Boisselle profile picture

Romain Boisselle

Co-founder at Kodein Koders

Code white image

"What I really like about Qovery is that it uses AWS under the hood. I do not know AWS very well at the moment - but having this all taken care of, is great and I know that it’s scalable"

Tony profile picture - full stack developer


Freelance full-stack developer

nodejs logo

Deploy your apps in production on AWS in minutes

Qovery combines the power of Kubernetes, the reliability of AWS, and the simplicity of Heroku to deploy your apps on AWS.

Deploy my apps
Deploy your apps in production on AWS in minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Qovery is not a hosting platform! Qovery deploys on your cloud account!

Qovery helps you deploy your apps on AWS, GCP, Azure, and Digital Ocean in just a few seconds. With Qovery, you can deploy your full-stack apps on your Cloud account. Qovery combines the power of Kubernetes, the reliability of AWS, and the simplicity of Heroku to help developers focus on what they love — building great applications.


Yes, Qovery supports Preview Environments, which is the equivalent of review apps in more powerful. Check out this page.

No. Qovery is built with the exact opposite philosophy. Here are the three main reasons:

  1. Our deployment engine is open source.
  2. Qovery is extensible. If you have a SRE team, they can build on top of Qovery. Read our DevOps documentation.
  3. Reversibility: Your apps run on your AWS account. If you are not satisfied with our product, we give you access to all generated configuration files (Terraform, Helm, and others) and keep running your infrastructure.

Yes, it is possible to use your free credits with our plans

Absolutely, Qovery has been built to be extended and does not lock you in any way. Take a look at:

Qovery does support other Cloud service providers than AWS.

Absolutely, we are HIPAA compliant.

We will be SOC2 compliant in January 2023.

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Qovery combines the power of Kubernetes, the reliability of AWS and the simplicity of Heroku